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Pristiq….new found med

So after all of the meds I’ve tried and stopped taking I found a wonderful new Doctor (yes, again) that actually cares and send me to a Rheumatologist (yes again, yes a different one) he did many tests to verify that I have FMS they like to spend our money and rack up the insurance dollars you know?! And of course, the outcome is the same that it’s been for the last 7 years…. fibromyalgia. DUH!

He suggested I try Pristiq even though I told him numerous times that I really didn’t want to take anymore medication. The pain in my hips was more than I could take and I didn’t see the benefit of popping pain pills every 4 hours, I tried it. And LOVED it! Then the insurance took it away. Then I fought and fought and fought to get it back with the help of my wonderful new Doctor. Finally I was approved to start taking it again.

As I made the list of medications I have tried over the 7 years to aide my Doctor in winning our battle against the insurance company I was astonished at the size of the list…. as was my new¬†Doctor…. as was the pharmacist making the decision.¬† A whole 8×10 page typed in a 12 font. Absolutely obsurd! But apparently it was an eye opener and we won so hey! Whatever works.

I wanted to share this information with you all so that you can look into the benefits, side effects, etch of Pristiq. While there are side effects at the beginning of treatment, I had some mild nausea the first week and a little sweating, but the side effects stopped after the first couple of weeks. I could lay down with hip pain, I could walk without too much pain, I was energized and back to my old self. I was like a new Girl! People in my life even started commenting on how much happier I acted and looked. TO me that was well worth the fight in itself.


Pristiq is an antidepressant which helps all around for me. The link above will take you to their website so you can do your own research before talking with you Doctor. It may be worth you trying too!

Please let me know if you do, I’d love to hear other peoples feedback on how it works/doesn’t work and how it affects people differently. I don’t believe its FDA approved for Fibro yet, but as well know, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help!