The ‘Jesus shot’

Yup I typed that correctly and yup it sounds insane, I know.

My mom brought this strange thing to my attention at Christmas time knowing the pain I suffer from as well as the pain my step-father was dealing with from diabetic neuropathy. She told me that she knew of a few people in our hometown who had driven 1.5 hours to receive this ‘Jesus shot’ and that we should think about it. Then we dropped the subject.

The 2nd week into January I was I a terrible fibro flare and laying in my bed crying uncontrollably. My wife came in and lay next to me and asked what she could do. She knew the answer was ‘nothing l’ but God bless her for always trying. She told me jokes and made me giggle through the tears like she always does. Then she asked me why I hadn’t called the clinic about the ‘Jesus shot’ and I wasn’t entirely sure.

I talked to my Dad who had recently talked to 2 other people he knew personally that had received it and all had glowing reviews! Arthritis pain…gone! Back pain..gone! Wives were claiming their old husbands to be new again! So I called to make the appointment. They were 5 weeks out in scheduling but the lady on the phone could tell I needed help sooner than that so she scheduled both my step-dad and myself for the following Friday. I was EXCITED!!

I had 3.5 hours to drive to get ‘home’ then another 1.5 from there. We made it a family affair and we all climbed into the Buick and headed south. The Doc was running late as most Docs do and we had to wait an extra hour. ‘It will be worth it’ we kept hearing people say. ┬áThere were 3 people there that were back for their 2nd shot and they were raving about how much better they felt and all the wonderful things they could now that they had no pain. It all sounded WAY too good to be true.

We watched 4 or 5 people come out of the tiny kitchen in the chapel after seeing the Doc and receiving their injections. They laughed, they were in awe, they couldn’t believe they had relief…ALREADY!

It was finally my turn. I was getting anxious and excited and nervous and all kinds of emotions played in my head. We discussed meds and histories and all the things Drs need to know…then it was time for the injection. The first ‘cocktail’ was mixed, a vein was located and into my body the concoction went. Tingling started in my neck, then my shoulders, down my ribcage and back then into my butt. It felt strange and meaningful as if something were clearing out my body from head to toe. He had told me it would happen so I was prepared. However I wasn’t prepared for what came next. “Stand up” he said, “take a few steps.”

I stood, no foot pain! I walked, no hip pain! No headache! My hands were no longer on fire! I started crying. My mom started crying. My dad started crying. We were a mess of good tears!!!

I profusely thanked the Dr and through his humble attitude he said ‘don’t thank me!’ (That’s a story for next time).

I went to sit back down with my Dad, tears still flowing, and I sat down in the chair where I had sat for the last hour, incredibly uncomfortable and painful…no pain!!!!! Absolutely unbelievable! There were no words for the relief, the emotions had taken over.

Now it’s 5am the next day and I’m raring to go. I NEVER get up early and certainly not ready to take on the world. I slept fairly well however sometimes the mind is wierd as I’m sure I had ‘ghost’ pain all night simply from habit of flipping and flopping for so many years.

I am PAIN FREE and look forward to seeing how much better I feel in 5 more days when it should be at peak relief!!!!!

FYI if you’re going to look up the ‘Jesus shot’ which I do recommend, look it up on FB where the reviews are from people who have experienced the same thing I did.