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Jesus shot day 2

So its the second day after I received my ‘Jesus Shot’ from Dr.  Mike Lonergan. I got it Friday night at 7pm and it is now Sunday morning at 7:30am. I’ve experienced VERY minor pain in my right hip where I have bursitis but it dissipated quickly.

I slept like a baby for 12 hours pain free! I woke up REFRESHED..that hasn’t happened in forever! I stood up straight out of bed…pain free! I walked on my hard work floors…pain free!

I’m still in awe as you can tell….I simply can’t believe it. I’m even thinking about taking the dogs for a walk! They wont know what’s happening lol



The ‘Jesus shot’

Yup I typed that correctly and yup it sounds insane, I know.

My mom brought this strange thing to my attention at Christmas time knowing the pain I suffer from as well as the pain my step-father was dealing with from diabetic neuropathy. She told me that she knew of a few people in our hometown who had driven 1.5 hours to receive this ‘Jesus shot’ and that we should think about it. Then we dropped the subject.

The 2nd week into January I was I a terrible fibro flare and laying in my bed crying uncontrollably. My wife came in and lay next to me and asked what she could do. She knew the answer was ‘nothing l’ but God bless her for always trying. She told me jokes and made me giggle through the tears like she always does. Then she asked me why I hadn’t called the clinic about the ‘Jesus shot’ and I wasn’t entirely sure.

I talked to my Dad who had recently talked to 2 other people he knew personally that had received it and all had glowing reviews! Arthritis pain…gone! Back pain..gone! Wives were claiming their old husbands to be new again! So I called to make the appointment. They were 5 weeks out in scheduling but the lady on the phone could tell I needed help sooner than that so she scheduled both my step-dad and myself for the following Friday. I was EXCITED!!

I had 3.5 hours to drive to get ‘home’ then another 1.5 from there. We made it a family affair and we all climbed into the Buick and headed south. The Doc was running late as most Docs do and we had to wait an extra hour. ‘It will be worth it’ we kept hearing people say.  There were 3 people there that were back for their 2nd shot and they were raving about how much better they felt and all the wonderful things they could now that they had no pain. It all sounded WAY too good to be true.

We watched 4 or 5 people come out of the tiny kitchen in the chapel after seeing the Doc and receiving their injections. They laughed, they were in awe, they couldn’t believe they had relief…ALREADY!

It was finally my turn. I was getting anxious and excited and nervous and all kinds of emotions played in my head. We discussed meds and histories and all the things Drs need to know…then it was time for the injection. The first ‘cocktail’ was mixed, a vein was located and into my body the concoction went. Tingling started in my neck, then my shoulders, down my ribcage and back then into my butt. It felt strange and meaningful as if something were clearing out my body from head to toe. He had told me it would happen so I was prepared. However I wasn’t prepared for what came next. “Stand up” he said, “take a few steps.”

I stood, no foot pain! I walked, no hip pain! No headache! My hands were no longer on fire! I started crying. My mom started crying. My dad started crying. We were a mess of good tears!!!

I profusely thanked the Dr and through his humble attitude he said ‘don’t thank me!’ (That’s a story for next time).

I went to sit back down with my Dad, tears still flowing, and I sat down in the chair where I had sat for the last hour, incredibly uncomfortable and painful…no pain!!!!! Absolutely unbelievable! There were no words for the relief, the emotions had taken over.

Now it’s 5am the next day and I’m raring to go. I NEVER get up early and certainly not ready to take on the world. I slept fairly well however sometimes the mind is wierd as I’m sure I had ‘ghost’ pain all night simply from habit of flipping and flopping for so many years.

I am PAIN FREE and look forward to seeing how much better I feel in 5 more days when it should be at peak relief!!!!!

FYI if you’re going to look up the ‘Jesus shot’ which I do recommend, look it up on FB where the reviews are from people who have experienced the same thing I did.

more issues…more found relief

After 4 years of this absurd hip pain someone finally figured out what it was! Hard to believe that 5 doctors, 2 physical therapists and countless tears later it was simply bursitis. Come on, really? I’m 40!

I try to blame fibro for everything… apparently my rheumy doesn’t like that idea! Lol He says to call for everything, but at $30 a pop and usually a result of ‘its the fibro’ makes me a little leery to do such a thing. But in this case I was happy!

Two painful injections later I had some relief on the right but INSANE pain on the left… w

orse than before. This lasted 24 hours and then…..ahhhh sweet relief. However short lived that relief was it was sure nice for the first couple of weeks. Now I’m in PT as I also have bursitis in my right shoulder. COME ON BODY! Give me a break would ya?

First PT aptmt last week was a success (after much deliberation to go again) as she introduced me to dry needling. Now I had never heard of this before. I’ve done acupuncture and had good success but its so expensive I can’t afford to go like I should. Dry needling is in a sense acupuncture only they go much deeper into the muscles. Today is Sunday and this was done on Wednesday… while the pain is not completely gone it is so much better! I can lay on my right side without crying but not for too long. I will see her again twice next week for dry needling in both hips and the shoulder. We shall see what happens from here!

I attempted to go off the Pristiq but found that it was far more beneficial that I had realized so back on that again. Its main help is that lovely time of the month when the hormones rage! So much less pain that its worth the cost and aggregation to have it renewed by the insurance company every 3 months.

Do some Google searches on dry needling, ask your doctor or PT and I hope you find some relief too!

print a few of these out and hand them out as necessary! haha


Savella update and other ‘news’

I am the world’s worst slacker lately on blogging. Working 40 hours a week, a new puppy and keeping a house in order takes a toll on a normal person, let alone us FMSers.

I couldn’t believe that it was October when I started the Savella, it seems like just a few weeks ago! I’d like to continue on the path of saying that it was my ‘miracle drug’ but as we all know…the reality of it is, there is no such thing.

I weaned myself off the Savella a week or so ago. I could not take the insane dizzy spells, nausea and heart palps any longer.  I was having numerous tender spots popping back up and I felt that the drug may be doing nothing more than what a placebo may do with the ‘brain effect’ so I stopped.

I am juicing 3 times per day, eating almost completely raw and doing what I can for exercise. I have tried this once before and it is so darn hard to stick to that I gave up. Actually, I didn’t do the juicing, but the raw diet I tried. I am enjoying the juicing and luckily found an inexpensive ‘starter’ juicer at Kohls for around $35, we are also lucky to have a farmers market up the street that sells fruits and veggies far cheaper than a regular grocery store. I’m enjoying the juicing and it does seem to help me feel better than eating all the fried, white flour, bad for you foods out there in the world! No real surprise there though.

Here’s the thing though. The tender points on the insides of my knees hurt far more than I EVER remember before the Savella. Did I just get used to them not hurting with the Savella? Maybe… I went for my monthly acupressure massage last night and I honestly thought I was going to jump up off that bed and punch for Steven in the face if he touched the inside of my knees one more time! Unbearable pain. I’ve also noticed other areas that seem to hurt worse than before the Savella, wrists and elbows.

Oh and get this one; last week, I actually PULLED MY HAND! How does one do that you ask? Good question as I have absolutely NO CLUE. I was lounging on the sofa and went to pick up a ball to throw to my baby Lily, my hand went from a flat, resting position to a cupping position on the ball and it felt as though someone had my hand in two vice grips and they were pulling them apart. I literally cried. I cried and cried and cried until the intense ‘charlie horse’ type muscle spasm stopped. For 2 days I could not use that hand. I could not grip anything at all, I could barely move my fingers. I used my tens unit for almost 2 days straight trying to get the muscle to loosen up in there. Astonishing….a pulled hand. That’s one I never thought I’d experience.

I’ve also noticed that my new puppy, who now weighs a whopping 12 pounds cannot even come near me without me saying ‘ouch, ouch, don’t do that, don’t walk on me’ 12 pounds…really?! The little paws cut into my body like knives and the pain seems to last for an eternity in each paw print. ‘This isn’t normal’ is what I constantly find myself thinking. Oh duh, right, I’m NOT normal…..

So here is what I am exploring now:

S.H.I.N.E.  (click here for story)

I would LOVE to hear if any of you have heard of this, tried this, know someone else that has. I’m making an appointment to go see my Dr and taking all of this information to her when I go. Actually, I think I’ll email it to her BEFORE hand in the hopes that she will read it and research it BEFORE I get there. I wonder what the chances of that happening really are?! ha!

I guess I’ve just accepted that my constant looking for the remedy that works best for me is a part of my life. It may be that way for the rest of my life. But in the end I hope it’s worth it. I must say the few months that I started to feel ‘normal’ again were SO SO GOOD! So at least that gives me something to strive for. I believe that there HAS to be something out there that won’t have as many (or more) side effects as what you are trying to treat and though I fell off of the all natural wagon to try Savella, and it was worth it short term, I’m back on the wagon and I will keep trying.

As always, I love to hear what you are trying and what is working/what is not working. I figure someday I’ll have enough information to put together a book. Or at that point, it may be more like a dictionary of Fibro potential cures/supplements/ideas/helps, etc. I’m guessing it’ll be about 600 pages long! hahaha! I’ll be sure to list everyone’s name that contributed…there goes another 600 pages.

I hope you all are feeling well! xo

Savella – day 15

I’m still singing Savella’s praises! Though I did have a bit of trouble on moving up to the 50mg tablets. Dizzy, blurred vision, major chills and sweats in the same 10 minute time frame. I emailed my Dr and she said to stay on the 25mg for awhile and the side effects should diminish soon. She was right!

It’s been 14 days since my last headache! Pretty sure I don’t remember the last time that happened! Much less pain all around. As I said before, it’s not GONE, but I’ll take less any old day!

Savella…please try this at home!

So I switched Doctors AGAIN. Not necessarily because the one I was seeing wasn’t sympathetic to my overwhelming fibro symptoms, but mostly because I simply didn’t like him. I didn’t like the way he spoke to me, I didn’t like his bedside matter. It was the best decision I’ve made since I was diagnosed with this little monster we call fibromyalgia.

I’ve only had it for 4 years, I say only because I’ve read some of the blogs here and on other sites of people who have had it for 20+ years with little to no relief. We all know that 4 days can seem like forever when you deal with it, let alone 4 years so I’m certainly not underplaying the fact that it has made my life hell for those 4 years.

Anyway, on to my point of blogging today. My first appointment with my new Dr was mainly due to the fact that my hips hurt so bad that I could not take it anymore. I had gone back to vicodin which is HORRIBLE for me to take at work, I do wierd things I don’t remember and I don’t seem to add very well while taking it, which is not good in my line of work. I do alot of accounting, so it’s kind of important to know how to add haha!

My hips were so bad to the point that I was afraid to walk more than 10-15 minutes at a time because I knew I’d have to spend 2-3 hours on ice if I did. Ice and I have a serious love/hate relationship. It helps the hip pain but it hurts the rest of me. It’s definitely a lose, lose situation for me.

I chose this Dr because she is a Dr of Osteopathy and I liked that idea. She did a full history and we talked about all of my ongoing issues. The hip pain started about 8 months ago and progressively got worse. I woke up 20+ times in the middle of the night and couldn’t lay on either side. I couldn’t sit more than 20 minutes at a time without excrutiating pain. She decided it was time for hip xrays and got the paperwork all together for me. We discussed my asthma and got that all situated and then it was time for the fibro issues.

Right off the bat she starting listing the drugs and questioning whether or not I had tried them; Cymbalta, Lyrica, Soma, narcotics, etc. Then she asked me if I had tried Savella. I had not. I have read some information on it but honestly after everything I’ve tried I just figured that this one was the same and wouldn’t work either. Until she told me that she had 8 other patients that she treats for fibro and they all swear by it. GIVE IT TO ME! Give it to me right now I said. She got a good kick out of that comment, but I wasn’t kidding. I was ready to swallow the first pill right there in her office. You know what I’m talking about….we will try darn near anything to get SOME relief, ANY relief, even if only for a few hours.

She went over the side effects with me and said she actually had samples that she would be happy to give me to try for 14 days to see if I wanted to proceed with getting the prescription. I came home and took the first pill immediately, then sat down to do some further research on it.  Nausea was the most complained about factor, I can handle a little sick stomach if it will give me pain relief, anyday. Day 3 I definitely experienced that nausea, all afternoon at work, threw up and all. Not good, but I kept my mind open and since I hadn’t had a headache for 2 days which is pretty much unheard of for me, I still could handle the nausea.

Today is day 6 on Savella, I haven’t quite gotten up to the full dosage, you work up to it by increasing mg over the course of 2 weeks. But let me tell you what…..I have not had ONE SINGLE headache. That in itself is enough for me to keep swallowing those little pills twice a day. That’s not all, my hips hurt 75%  less. (I walked 4 1/2 hours yesterday and today I got out of bed like a normal, overweight, out of shape  37 year old would. Usually I rate myself at a 75 year old woman in the morning.) My shoulders, no pain and no tingling. My knees, at the tender points, no more tender points! My ribs……nothing, no pain. I ran into the counter top today (which I do frequently) and it hurt appropriately, not for an hour later and as if I had lit it on fire.

Please, if you have fibro and you aren’t getting relief from anything else, talk to your Dr about this medication. Read up on it. Tell your other fibro friends. I know that it won’t work for all of us as these medications and fibro are never the same in every person, but even if it helps 1 out of 5 of us I’ll be happy! Nobody deserves this, nobody wants to suffer every single day from pain and fog and headaches and everything that comes along with this horrible syndrome.

I said today to my wife, ‘It feels so strange to feel ‘normal’ again’ and I do. I feel normal. I’m sure there will be flares, but if I stay at the rate I’m going they will be fewer and farther between. I’m so so so very happy that I found the Dr who suggested Savella.