Monthly Archives: January 2015

more issues…more found relief

After 4 years of this absurd hip pain someone finally figured out what it was! Hard to believe that 5 doctors, 2 physical therapists and countless tears later it was simply bursitis. Come on, really? I’m 40!

I try to blame fibro for everything… apparently my rheumy doesn’t like that idea! Lol He says to call for everything, but at $30 a pop and usually a result of ‘its the fibro’ makes me a little leery to do such a thing. But in this case I was happy!

Two painful injections later I had some relief on the right but INSANE pain on the left… w

orse than before. This lasted 24 hours and then…..ahhhh sweet relief. However short lived that relief was it was sure nice for the first couple of weeks. Now I’m in PT as I also have bursitis in my right shoulder. COME ON BODY! Give me a break would ya?

First PT aptmt last week was a success (after much deliberation to go again) as she introduced me to dry needling. Now I had never heard of this before. I’ve done acupuncture and had good success but its so expensive I can’t afford to go like I should. Dry needling is in a sense acupuncture only they go much deeper into the muscles. Today is Sunday and this was done on Wednesday… while the pain is not completely gone it is so much better! I can lay on my right side without crying but not for too long. I will see her again twice next week for dry needling in both hips and the shoulder. We shall see what happens from here!

I attempted to go off the Pristiq but found that it was far more beneficial that I had realized so back on that again. Its main help is that lovely time of the month when the hormones rage! So much less pain that its worth the cost and aggregation to have it renewed by the insurance company every 3 months.

Do some Google searches on dry needling, ask your doctor or PT and I hope you find some relief too!