fibro flare

I must admit this is something I haven’t really had to say in awhile and gratefully so. Fibro flare. Those two words are so little, yet entail SO MUCH.

I always have the aches and pains, the stiffness in the morning, the headaches, you know… and I guess I just learned to ignore it as much as possible. Last week I got a  nasty throat infection. Up all night, attempting to swallow what felt like glass, over and over. Needless to say I went to the Dr the next day and guess what he found…yup, you guessed it…nothing. Nothing, really??!! How can swallowing glass for 2 days be nothing?

So now I’m on Amoxicillin and waiting patiently for this infection to leave. I understand that if you get an infection anywhere in your body you can be thrown into a nasty fibro flare. Yup, I understand that far too well this week. Oh. My. Gosh.The. Pain.  I love using periods in between words, doesn’t it just make your statement far more serious? 🙂

Pain. In every inch of my body. Exaggeration you ask? Man oh man do I wish! I cannot take this pain. I’m prepared to take Vicodin. Honestly, I’m contemplating taking an Oxycontin which I haven’t taken in 3 years. I’m in that much pain throughout my entire body. The massage alleviated some of the pain for a couple days but now it’s back with a vengeance.

I’ve found yet ANOTHER Dr. whom I actually located on  a FMS forum online so I’m really hoping he is the one. He’s an M.D. but also holistic and works with acupuncture, all which I love. I’m prepared to go off all my meds and start anew. Hmmm…does this sound familiar? I’m pretty sure I typed this all a few months ago, and a few months before that!

I found a new website in my searching for tests that I need to ask him for, I’m wondering if you all can give me any insight to anything she speaks about on her website. I also ended up on a depression website through this one and I have to admit I was quite surprised with the results. I knew I’d been ‘down’ lately but I wouldn’t have put the depression label on myself. Apparently I was wrong. In talking with my wife about this she pointed out that I have been quite moody lately and very ‘up and down’ all within a matter of hours/minutes and she also chalked it up to my being in more pain than usu. I snapped at her and didn’t even know it. OK, something has to give now.

I would really really like to hear from any of you that have had ANY of these tests done…were they worth it? I don’t care about the cost, I’ll find a way to pay for the part the insurance doesn’t cover. I just want to know if they are worth my time, effort and going off all my meds and starting over.

I hope everyone is having a fibro flare free day today….FFF….has a good ring to it! I wish you all a FFF Day! 🙂


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4 responses to “fibro flare

  • Linda DeLong

    Depression is an illness, not a sign of weakness or moral failure. If you had diabetes, would you take medication to help you? My brain doesn’t work correctly. I have depression. It doesn’t make me a bad person, but I can cause a lot of damage to myself and others if I don’t treat my depression.
    I don’t see where the tests cost anything.

    • fibrorelief

      Hi Linda,
      I certainly didn’t mean to sound like I was ashamed of having depression, if indeed that is what I am experiencing. I’ve been through it before and I understand that it is an illness and of course I would take medication to make myself better. I only meant that I didn’t feel that I was actually depressed, but rather just feeling a little down lately about some things that were going on in my life, along with the pain. I am very glad to have found that website so that I could actually understand why I was feeling some of the things I was feeling.

  • FED UO

    m verry depresse! i dont tae meds for it .. i dont kow why i am amso against them..other then my friend killing him sellf beccsuse he thught he was better and thought he didnt nee them any more. this med led him to snap.. i have tried to controll everything i now why i am depressed its because of the pain and the cold sholder by eveery doctor my pain doctor told me that i was to young to be on narcotics like so basicly straight up asked him soo if i was fourty and came in to see you u.. your saying you would right me a script. he said yes and rushed out the door and his nure handed me a script weak ass of.tramefol i was so hurt. i felt like i been p I waited three months for this fay. pepared for it i dont get ehy they ignore this illness what ever the fuck it is i hate it !!! its ruining my life!! i dot know hwat to do anymore i hae ben having constant pain and bad iIBS I have been in bed for two months now.FUCKING STUCK UP FUCKED UP DRUG COMPANY THAT MAKE ADDERA… so my boss was like sorry i fought for yah but we have to replace u you still have a job with ur company and ofcorse they only had openings at companys far away and yah no car… so i worked at dunkin donuts for a month and couldnt take people whi;e i was in pain at all. and i throw up alot and yah just not good. cause of all the time i was out after ther accident. assholes soo because i work ed for a contract company I lost my job bei am in to much pain to move. ever since i got into a car acciedent the flare ups are constant so between that and my periods that hurt verry much because i have cyste wich causes plmore flare ups ..are ups . i have gotten up to go to happy feetreflexology i have tried birth controll three times and thre times i had my period for the whole month… untill i stopped taken it i couldnt hndel the pain so now i am forced to live with it… and now i cant een get pregnant… i cant give my feince of 7 years a baby !!! i been taking alot of oxy for the pain and two 300 norotins… everything makes my stomach upset i dont like taking meds.. but i would be shitting in my bed if i didnt. legit would get up. omg i feel like an eaghyty year old lady. i a, a disapointment to evryone .. becayse they fo not understand are to stuburn to open there eyes and see what its dpooing to me. and has dne top me… its like wtf I would love to be the person i want to be but i an trapped in this body that looks like its fine!! but on the in side alli feel is pain.

  • Jenny

    I certainly have had my shares of flares, ups, and downs. I also have Lupus, which complicates things. I have been doing a lot of lifestyles changes, reading and so forth. One of my newest adventures will be to read this book and see how it works for me.
    Click Here!
    Has anyone read this book or have any ideas on it? I know that my chiropractor and massage therapist have both talked about how our bodies work from what we put in them. I have eaten superfoods and this has worked wonders for me. So I am super excited!

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