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fibro flare

I must admit this is something I haven’t really had to say in awhile and gratefully so. Fibro flare. Those two words are so little, yet entail SO MUCH.

I always have the aches and pains, the stiffness in the morning, the headaches, you know… and I guess I just learned to ignore it as much as possible. Last week I got a  nasty throat infection. Up all night, attempting to swallow what felt like glass, over and over. Needless to say I went to the Dr the next day and guess what he found…yup, you guessed it…nothing. Nothing, really??!! How can swallowing glass for 2 days be nothing?

So now I’m on Amoxicillin and waiting patiently for this infection to leave. I understand that if you get an infection anywhere in your body you can be thrown into a nasty fibro flare. Yup, I understand that far too well this week. Oh. My. Gosh.The. Pain.  I love using periods in between words, doesn’t it just make your statement far more serious? 🙂

Pain. In every inch of my body. Exaggeration you ask? Man oh man do I wish! I cannot take this pain. I’m prepared to take Vicodin. Honestly, I’m contemplating taking an Oxycontin which I haven’t taken in 3 years. I’m in that much pain throughout my entire body. The massage alleviated some of the pain for a couple days but now it’s back with a vengeance.

I’ve found yet ANOTHER Dr. whom I actually located on  a FMS forum online so I’m really hoping he is the one. He’s an M.D. but also holistic and works with acupuncture, all which I love. I’m prepared to go off all my meds and start anew. Hmmm…does this sound familiar? I’m pretty sure I typed this all a few months ago, and a few months before that!

I found a new website in my searching for tests that I need to ask him for, I’m wondering if you all can give me any insight to anything she speaks about on her website. I also ended up on a depression website through this one and I have to admit I was quite surprised with the results. I knew I’d been ‘down’ lately but I wouldn’t have put the depression label on myself. Apparently I was wrong. In talking with my wife about this she pointed out that I have been quite moody lately and very ‘up and down’ all within a matter of hours/minutes and she also chalked it up to my being in more pain than usu. I snapped at her and didn’t even know it. OK, something has to give now.

I would really really like to hear from any of you that have had ANY of these tests done…were they worth it? I don’t care about the cost, I’ll find a way to pay for the part the insurance doesn’t cover. I just want to know if they are worth my time, effort and going off all my meds and starting over.

I hope everyone is having a fibro flare free day today….FFF….has a good ring to it! I wish you all a FFF Day! 🙂