Monthly Archives: June 2012

Slacker, slacker, slacker

Wow what a slacker indeed! It’s been 2 months since I was here. Feels like yesterday! So I still haven’t found the perfect Doctor. I’m pretty sure that person does not even exist…or at least not on my health insurance!

I’m overwhelmed with all of the comments from you all lately, thank you so much! I started this blog with the hopes of helping just one other person to feel better, or at least to feel not alone in this fight.

I’m taking the savella at 25mg a day, I found this to be the best dose for me, despite what my Dr thinks. I’m pretty sure at this point she has realized that I know far more about Fibromyalgia than she could ever hope to…or want to! 🙂

I haven’t told anyone at my new job about the Fibro yet and honestly don’t intend to, but I have to tell you that when you are 37 years old and it takes you 5 minutes to get up and stretch your muscles enough to get to the bathroom, people begin asking questions lol Yesterday I ran into a wall. Yup….straight into a wall, as if someone had erected it 2 seconds before I walked by it and I didn’t know it existed. It’s been there since I started over a year ago. Talk about embarrassing! I immediately started laughing but when I ‘came to’ so to speak there were 4 people standing there staring at me as if I had passed out and died. hahahahaha! The Office manager even wanted to send me to urgent care to be sure there was nothing wrong with me. Luckily, I passed it off as having a migraine earlier in they day and told her that sometimes my migraine meds make me a little ‘funny.’ I wonder how  many ridiculous accidents I can have before someone demands I get a brain scan!

Oh the joys of fibromyalgia…..they just never end do they?!

On the flip side, walking 1-2 miles 3-4X a week have done WONDERFUL things for my body! On days when I absolutely don’t have the energy, I simply stay home and do some light yoga or play ball with the doggy and rest my achy body. Getting started is the hardest part and making myself leave the house after getting home from work is a chore too but I’m sleeping better and the pain in the hips/thighs is starting to subside so that makes me oh so very happy. I’m sure that there will be another deep, dark muscle that rears it’s ugly, tight head soon and there are plenty of little ones, but you just got to keep pushing forward to make yourself feel better.

I wish you all pain free days and happy thoughts.

Get those vitamin levels checked! It could be worth finding out what you’re low on, the magnesium, B-12 and Melotonin have been a wonderful thing for me!