Monthly Archives: April 2012

Back to the drugs

Does that feel like a constant saying to anyone but me? “Back to the drugs”

I stopped the Savella and went to the Dr, completely excited about the S.H.I.N.E protocol I did so much research on and was so excited to start! As usual…I was completely let down by the so called Doctor. “Fibromyalgia is just so hard to treat because everyone is different, I recommend you go back on the Savella and stay with it for awhile longer”

The Savella drug rep had probably recently been by to see her as she pushed the sample triton packet for me to start it up again. I politely declined, through pushing back the tears and left her office.

I just sat in the car and cried. All I wanted was some tests for vitamin levels and a few other things. I didn’t ask for her to heal me. I didn’t ask her to do anything really, check some boxes on a form and sign it. Simple. I could even read the results on my own. This isn’t my first time, lady.

I really just wanted to march back up to her office and say ‘look B*&^H…you don’t have to deal with this crap every day of your life so it’s easy for you to brush me off and push some damn pill on me, being in constant pain sucks!’ If only I had the cajones. hahaha!

So back on the Savella with the dizzy spells and the spinning eyes and the ever present, imaginary earthquakes. On the upside it’s as though I’m on my very own private roller coaster.

I would still recommend FMS sufferers try it, if covered well by insurance and have access to it, especially if you can get the trial dose from your Dr. It supposedly doesn’t affect everyone the same way, imagine that. The pain level is definitely decreased which is always a wonderful thing!

I’d love to hear anyone’s comments or feedback on Savella or the S.H.I.N.E protocol!