Monthly Archives: July 2011

Hips on fire

Ok so I think I may have mentioned this before but as I’m sitting in the drs office waiting very impatiently in the chair that is causing me so much pain that I’m seriously close to tears, I thought I’d ask you all If you hAve the same pain.

The pain started about 6 months ago and has progressively gotten worse. It started just aching in my left hip. Then moved down to my outer thigh now it’s spread to the other side and to the inner thigh And the lower back. I can’t sit. I can’t stand and I definitely cannot lie down, unless it’s flat on my back staring at the ceiling.

I’ve been in this chair for 45 minutes and I’m about to die.

The chiro told me it was a Tensor fasciae latae issue And she gave me stretches that I’ve been doing. Honestly I think the stretches are making it worse.

This is a new Dr for me due to new job insurance change and I’m not exactly looking forward to this as it is. But I’m here. I’ve already paid my copayment, I guess I’ll sit and wait

If you’ve got this pain I’d love to hear what the outcome was!