Monthly Archives: March 2011

new’s always somethin’!

I had my first ‘smell flare’ this week. Smells have been taking over my world for the last couple of years. So much that my family makes fun of me and my spidey nose!  But this was off the charts horrible. I’ve never had a flare caused by something around me (other than the weather) so it was quite new and a little freaky to me.
I could tell the man was wearing too much cologne the minute he walked into our little office. I was in the back and didn’t know how strong it was, until he was taken into one of the guys’ offices near my desk.
The eyes started to water, the nose started to get itchy and my whole body started to feel tired and down right lethargic all of a sudden. I thought my allergies were acting up so I took my allergy medication. 1 1/2 hours later I was in major pain and my whole body felt ‘thick’. I went outside and sat in the sun hoping to alleviate some of the problem. The only thing I could figure was it had to be that cologne. It was overwhelmingly strong. Even to the other gyrl in the office, who does not have a ‘spidey nose’!
I had to sit outside and wait for him to leave until I could come back in the office and even then, the scent lingered so badly that my head stayed full of fog and pain. Luckily it was towards the end of the day and I was headed home shortly.  The fog hung on until the next morning.
Who knew that just a strong scent could make your body react in such a very bad way?!
It’s always something new in fibroland, isn’t it?!

a little comic relief…at my expense!

This has nothing to do with fibro but thought it could provide a little comic relief!

I’ll start by saying I think it’s highly unfair that we, as women, must wear pantyhose/tights/ or any other restrictive, hot, sweaty garments! haha
This morning I put on pantyhose under my new, cute, little skirt and headed out to work. I knew the hose were a little too small…but I didn’t have another black pair so I wore them anyway. On the way to the 2nd bus stop I was literally walking out of them.  The waist had moved down below my booty, rolling off. I went into panic mode. I couldn’t adjust them in the middle of the parking lot in broad daylight so I went into the gas station, waited for the restroom for literally 10 minutes on some guy that flushed the toilet 6 times, and removed them, then I walked across the street to CVS to buy another pair. As I was walking into the bathroom to put them on, I saw my bus go by. I almost cried. I had no choice. I got to walk to work this morning! haha The upside is I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last few weeks and this will hopefully add another pound to the that number!

oops…sick day!

Well, I started the new job on 1/31 and my first sick day was 2/28….that’s not good! Not even one full month did I make it. Oops! Not like I had control over it. It is what it is. But it sure scares me for the ‘reference’ he may provide to a new company in the next 2 months (since it’s temp through April). I truthfully could’ve easily have 2 or 3 sick days during the last 29 days but pushed through and made myself go sit at that desk and be bored to tears while feeling like hell.

I have to think in terms of ‘YES! I made it that long!’ Instead of the hard honest truth that I should’ve easily been able to make it through the whole 3 months of the project without having to call in sick. I’ve only been working a short time but I already dread going back the next day when I feel bad. I remember not minding work, it was fun at times and I honestly didn’t mind having to go day in and day out. Those days are over. Well, maybe I’ll get one week or so out of the month when I feel that way..let’s hope. Or maybe when I find something that I know is permanent, I’ll feel better about the situation.

I’ll keep working on that positive thinking that I have down so well. yes, that’s pure sarcasm. I guess all I can say is ‘oops…a sick day’ and ‘let it be.’