night sweats…night chills…

Ok so this one is fairly new to me…at least for this duration of time.

Of course I’ve woken up covered in sweat before from a bad dream or what have you, but this is happening way too frequently for me to be ok with. First I blamed it on my ‘monthly gift’ but it stayed around long after she left. I don’t recall bad dreams causing the sweating so I don’t know what’s happening. It’s definitely NOT hot in our room as the window is almost always open and 2 fans are running constantly. As a matter of fact I usually shed some clothing and blankets during these sweats and then I find myself shivering from chills, parts of the body are then in pain from being ‘so cold.’

It’s been happening off and on for about 3 weeks now, so I guess I better figure out what’s causing it. I thought it too would pass but so far no luck. One more thing to add to the list for the Dr. The list grows and grows until finally you think…’there is no way I can go over all of this with someone in one sitting and not look completely insane’ so I’m sure I’ll weed some out at the last minute and save them for a future visit. But this is not only disturbing my sleep, it makes me feel like there is something happening that shouldn’t be!

Anyone out there experiencing the same or has any ideas, I’d LOVE to hear them!


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7 responses to “night sweats…night chills…

  • Mariann

    It may be menopause. I went through that my late 30’s early 40’s. Although, I’ve had a few nights recently that I woke up really sweaty. I’ve put it on my list for the doctor. At 63, I don’t think I should be dealing with this. But, with fibro, osteoarthritis, IBS, who knows anymore !! It’s 3:45 AM here and I’m wide awake, unable to sleep. 😦

  • hiddenlives

    What you describe has been part of my ME/CFS, CFIDS, CFS experience since the beginning though sometimes it seems to be much worse than others.

    Since surgical menopause, of course, hot-flashes became a much more intense companion, but now that those are rare, I am back to my feeling of having a broken internal thermostat.

    I can be hideously cold (to the touch and even quite blue in the extremities) for many hours and then whooosh, comes the heat, then back again. All at it’s worst beginning in the early evening and through the night – makes me feel very ill.

    I wish you a working thermostat 😉


  • Ginger

    I used to get this before I even knew what fibromyalgia was. Looking back it was at the same time other symptoms were just starting to appear. I still get it occasionally so it’s probably just another symptom. I have been taking Savella and it is listed as a side effect but as I said I was having this months before the medication.
    You posted this a while back.. Did you ask your dr?

    • fibrorelief

      I did, Ginger. She said I could try to start Primrose or just deal with it. I’ve chosen just to deal with it for the time being. It’s not as frequent, though it is getting warmer outside so I’m sure it’ll come back with a vengeance. Such is life with this weird syndrome. Nothing surprises me anymore and most things I just learn to overlook completely.

  • geninadiaz83

    I’ve about fibromyalgia and it doesn’t provide me information that says night sweats are part of the illness. But, you know every person is unique and it may be just true to you or you have a different condition. My friend that has fibro do not experience night sweats. I guess it is case to case basis.

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