I’m calling it a beef hangover…

We had a bad craving for some beef last night and since I’ve only had it in small quantities for the last year I decided it’d be alright to splurge and have a deliciously succulent prime rib cut.

We really wanted Texas Roadhouse but since they are so far away out here in Cali we settle for the next best thing, Outback.  After an enjoyable dinner and an insanely full belly of prime rib, garlic taters and salad and bread we came home to watch movies.

The headache started about an hour after being home. The stomach gurgling and feeling ill started shortly after that. Oops, I overdid it. But it sure was tasty!

I tossed and turned all night and hurt like I don’t remember hurting in a long time. Everything hurt, all night. This morning I woke up to a full head, pain in areas you don’t wanna have pain in and every inch of my body hurts in one way shape or form. The shooting pains in my arms and legs feel like someone lit firecrackers INSIDE of me and they are all exploding at the same time.

I’ve done nothing else wrong, so I’m blaming the delicious beef and calling it a beef hangover. I knew better. Sometimes you have to give in to your cravings, so long as you’re prepared for the aftermath!


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One response to “I’m calling it a beef hangover…

  • thisblackwomansopinion

    Thank you for posting this. Several months ago I basically gave up red meat. Yesterday, the craving for red meat was so intense that I could not resist it any longer. I enjoyed the steak and was completely content. All that changed a few hours later, I was beyond tired. I felt bloated swollen exhausted and dumb as hell. (Ok-well I have been known to feel like an idiot on occasion but this was a bit much even for me). This morning was no different. I woke up feeling heavy, tired, confused, and even though I had taken a shower, began to sweat. That’s when I began to wonder if there is such a thing as a meat hangover. Now I know that it is not all in my mind. It will be a while before I indulge again. Your post validated my experience.

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