it’s always something, isn’t it?!

So my self diagnoses only work part of the time, of course. I’m not  a Dr, I don’t pretend to be however I do know my body better than anyone else so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…..I think we all do it. We cannot run to a Dr every single time something ‘new’ appears or we think something changed, because it’s literally ALWAYS something!

I got a grip on the headaches FINALLY. I’m pretty sure they are cluster headaches which really stinks cuz there’s really nothing I’ve found to get rid of them. They hang on for dear life for days and then they vanish as though they never existed. I did find that cutting out all casein during the week that they are around makes them less intense, so that’s good news. I tried all my fancy headache pills during that week and not one of them worked. I do have this on my list of things to chat with my new Dr about however. Hopefully there’s something out there I haven’t tried! haha yeah right!

I think I got a jump on that cold that was sneaking up on me, I overloaded on vitamins and it never became a full blown cold. Maybe I got lucky, or maybe the vitamins really worked. We never really know though, do we? We can assume for now and we can try the same strategy next time but I’ve found that the same thing rarely works twice when it comes to fibro!

I got attacked by the famous ‘rib pain’ this week, which is always such a joy to discover when you wake up. It’s as though someone took a baseball bat to both sides of my body and hit me over and over again, right on the ribs.  This one I have yet to find a ‘cure’ for. It’s a nasty predicament as it hurts to move, stretch, turn or even lie still. I’ve tried rubbing the pain away, to the point of tears. I’ve tried heat compresses, hot showers, yoga. Nothing seems to work. So I just wait this one out and luckily it only hangs on for a couple of days. It’s moved from the front, underside of my rib cage to the sides, under my arms. Ouch. The wife and I joke about who beat me in my sleep…was it her this time or the dog?!

I still give mad props to my Magnesium and my B-100 complex. I’ve tested this theory many times, usually by accident, by not taking them for a day or two, and again…it could be coincidence but the pain levels seem to be lower when I take them.  I asked the PA to test my vitamin levels when I saw him a few weeks ago and I received the results. They were in the ‘normal’ zone, but more toward the lower end so I’m guessing that without taking them every day I would have fallen into the deficient zone. I’m going to increase my dosages a little now since I know that I’m not overdoing it! I’m hoping that lowers the pain levels even further.

Week 3 of the new job and I haven’t missed a day yet. A miracle I’m calling it! 😉 I am definitely tired everyday around 3pm but I push through it and the other little pains I get to experience. I did have one day this week that I really really really wished I could have called in, but I didn’t. I can do this! No one there knows of what I go through every day. Not a lot of people do. I don’t want their pity or their pretend understanding or their every insightful ideas on how to ‘fix’ me. It’s easier just to shut up and suffer in silence. Thankfully I have you all to vent to!

Today is my day off, so I’m still in bed, playing on the computer and cuddling with the dog, listening to bird sing in the other room. I love these days. I miss them. But it really is nice to feel like part of the world again, most days.



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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

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