when the fog lifts….

I was in a bad, thick, funky fog last week and I am so very glad it’s over for the time being! That one was hard to pull out of and it was my first week back to work in over a year so it made it even worse!

It sucks that there is absolutely nothing you can do either; if you have a headache, you take some Aleve or something stronger, if it’s body pain you can take the same or usually something MUCH stronger, if you’re cold you put heat on it and if you’re tired you lie down and rest.  Sometimes these things don’t completely alleviate the problem, but they usually help at least a little bit. But with the fog there is absolutely nothing you can do. You have to push your way through the day, through the haze that becomes every single moment.

It’s nearly impossible to concentrate on one single thing, let alone the many, many things that you must do over the course of a day. Especially at work.  It affects your memory, your speech, your eyesight, your everything. It literally feels as though you are living in a thick, dense fog.

The fog will show up very unexpectedly, I’ve found no rhyme or reason to it yet. It can hit you slightly or it can hit you with a vengeance and it leaves the very same way. When you’re in a fog for a week, you begin to forget how it feels to be ‘normal’. When that fog finally lifts you feel like a brand new person! It’s as though everything that’s been ‘sleeping’ inside of you suddenly wakes up! It’s a wonderful feeling! My fog finally broke and though I know it’ll be short lived, I’m glad it’s gone for now. I felt like singing ‘I can see clearly now, the fog is gone’ you know that old song….about the rain. haha! My 5th day at work and FINALLY felt as though some of it was making sense.

The most frustrating thing to me about the fog is that it makes me feel stupid. I HATE feeling stupid! I’m no genius but I consider myself a fairly smart person. I’ve taught myself many things in life and feel like I have a pretty good head on my shoulders most of the time. But that fog will cut your spirits down to nothing. It’s quite possibly the most frustrating thing about Fibromyalgia…to me anyway.

This morning there is a real fog outside, but in my head it’s gone and I’ll take advantage of that and just hope it doesn’t decide to come back anytime soon. I hope you all have a fabulous, fog free day today!


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

2 responses to “when the fog lifts….

  • Mariann

    Great post, and I agree with you about the fog making you feel stupid. I feel at times and told hubs that I should write things down when I can remember them. It is really frustrating.
    I so appreciate reading your blog. I find that others information is so helpful.

  • Kronic

    You are so right about fibrofog! There was a time when people referred to me as “smart”, but there’s no fighting the fog. I just laugh now when I can’t think of a word, a name, a memory, an appointment… or what it was I was thinking of doing just 30 seconds ago :-/

    Often, I hate being “stuck at home on disability”, but reading about your return to work has reminded me that, really, I’m lucky because I know I can’t work anymore.

    I’m glad your fog passed (and you can see clearly now :-)) and that you’ve almost finished your 2nd week at your new job! Good for you!

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