Meditation challenge

Now I know what meditation may sound like to some….strange. haha! What good could come of sitting so long attempting to tap into some ‘other side of ourselves?’ Some ‘peaceful’ side? Is there such a thing? Not in my brain!

But I’ve been reading alot on it lately and ‘FibroHaven’ posted a great link on FB yesterday. I read it and now I’m going to give it a try. I have nothing to lose except 15 minutes a day that I probably would spend doing nothing but laying in bed or sitting on the sofa anyway.

They tell us all the time that the key to our feeling better is to keep trying new things that could make us feel better, so I’m in! It’s a 21 day challenge….because supposedly it takes 21 days to get into the swing of a new routine, to make it a habit.

I don’t know if I can sit comfortably or peacefully for 15 minutes, but today I will try and for the next 2o days I will try! If it means a little pain control or keeping my mind from thinking about other things I cannot control, I am SO IN!

If you are interested, the link is here.

If you don’t know FibroHaven, check her page out!

I love this pic cuz it has the lotus in it!

Incase you haven’t seen my lotus…..


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

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