who knew it could feel SO good?!

So the wife talked me into riding bikes with her to her office yesterday as she wanted to try it out before she started riding to work. Right now we are sharing a car, luckily the temp job I got is close enough that I can go get her on her lunch and she can take me back as she will get off an hour earlier in the evening.

So I agreed as she recently fixed up my bike and it’s so beautiful! I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet! In the summer I rode alot, to the grocery store and to the park and library. Those things are close to the house so it never felt like a big deal. She mapped out the ride to her office and thought it to be about 2 miles one way. Ok I can do this! We used to ride to the beach all the time when she wasn’t working either and though it was hard, it was doable.

We were timing our ride so that she would know how long it would take each morning to get there. I was doing my best to keep up with her, she’s on a 10 speed and I’m on a beach cruiser. She naturally rides faster and stronger than I do, but she always waits and doesn’t complaint that I’m super pokey! haha! We shaved off about 5 minutes due to my pokiness and made it in 15! Her GPS gave her a shorter way home so we tried that route on the way back. She probably could’ve made that in about 10 minutes, but I was getting tired and it took us about 20 as I had to stop a time or two to take a break.

We got home and I wanted to see  how far it would be to my new office, in the event that I decided to ride too! Yahoo maps said my office was 3.5 miles but it sure felt like hers was closer, so I re-mapped hers and it said 4.5 miles! Holy cow…I had ridden 9 miles and didn’t even know it! I wasn’t in pain, I actually felt pretty good. I had extra energy and didn’t feel the need to lay on the couch the rest of the day! Amazing! We went down to the beach to watch the sunset and throw the frisbee around and look for shells!

I was pretty sure I was going to pay for 9 miles today, but amazingly enough I fell asleep at 11pm (unheard of for me) and slept pretty well until about 5am when my belly decided it was time for breakfast. No, I think not belly. I made myself go back to sleep and slept soundly until the annoying school children next door woke me up at 8am! I probably would have slept until about 10 had I gotten up and closed my window at 5am when I was awake, but I forgot!

Today, I have energy, no pain from riding my bike for an hour or playing on the beach. It’s a miracle! I just wish my body would allow me to do something like this everyday without severe ramifications. A pipe dream, I know! I’m just thankful for today and that I feel good enough to get up, do my yoga and maybe ride my bike to the park! I love good days. Who knew 9 miles could feel so good?!


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