city of angels….

I’m so excited! I got wordpress on my phone! I can now send pics directly to my blog from my phone..and blogs too, if I felt inclined to write on the tiny little keyboard! haha! Maybe a quick one, or if I was really bored somewhere without my laptop!

I took this pic about a month ago, I was driving down PCH with an hour to kill before picking up the Wife from work and decided I’d stop at the beach to see the awesomeness of the Ocean. I LOVE the beach from 4-6pm because the sun is setting and it makes for an amazing view and amazing pictures, as you can see!

My favorite movie is ‘City of Angels’ with Meg Ryan, not only cuz I love her and Nicolas Cage too,  but I love the idea behind the story. Someone loving someone so much that they would give up being ‘an angel’ to be with that person, if only for a very short time.

I was sitting on the beach watching the sun go down and I felt like the angels, waiting on the beach each morning when the sun rose and everything ‘sang’ and an amazing calm and peacefulness came over me.  I wanted to capture that feeling so that I could recall it whenever I wanted. Now I’m sharing it with you.

“When they asked me what I liked best, I’ll tell them it was you”


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