Monthly Archives: January 2011

1st day down

WOW, somehow I made it through the 1st day of work after a year and a half! I don’t know how!

Of course good ole’ Mother Nature, who is the worst of my fibro nemesis, decided she’d come for a visit the day before I start my new job. Seriously?! Sometimes I really wonder what I did to deserve this! ha! I knew I’d wake up tired, cranky, in a fog and in serious pain and knowing how evil she is, I was right! After not sleeping hardly at all, probably due to nerves but mostly pain, I made myself get up early enough to do some yoga in hopes to make it through the day without too much pain. Took my Aleve and extra vitamins..grasping for anything that might help.

By noon I was insanely miserable. My back hurt so bad that neither standing, walking or sitting made it feel better. Every inch of my body hurts. It hurts to type, it hurts to hold a pen and it even hurts if I sit just so on my pants. By 5pm I had taken another dose of Aleve and a xanax in hopes of relaxing my ridiculously painful body. I’m home now on 2 heating pads, rice socks strewn across my body.

I really didn’t want this to be the way it went the first day back to work. I really NEEDED to feel good, to know that I could accomplish everything thrown at me today. The fog took hold and hopefully I wrote down everything I needed to remember! Even better, I have another 5 days to feel this way before I’m back to feeling a little more ‘normal’!

Whatcha gonna do?!? I think I’ll rip my innards out to avoid this torture every month!