can simple water help that much?

How much water do you drink? Is it the recommended 64 ounces a day? I usually drink at least that, most days I drink about 96 ounces. I drink alot and I pee alot! haha!

In times of pain I reevaluate everything! Today I’m no reevaluating my water intake today but rather questioning if it’s really more beneficial to fibromites than those that are healthy.  I tried to find a few articles on it and there were just that…very few and old.

We noticed our water tasted a little ‘dirty’ when we moved here so we ordered a water cooler when the salesman came door to door. Almost a year later we discovered that we are paying far too much for something we already pay for that flows freely from our faucets and it no longer tastes dirty so we canceled our cooler and bottle water. We ran out of water 2 days ago, I’ve noticed that I have not had nearly as much water in the last 2 days. I’m not sure why though. Maybe it’s because we’ve been so busy, no that can’t be it..that should make me more thirsty! Maybe it’s because the cooler was easier…no, that can’t be it…the faucet doesn’t require me picking up an incredibly heavy bottle and loading it on a cooler. Maybe I’ve just been slacking..yup that’s it! 😉

I bought a plastic 32 ounce water bottle from Target that I have literally carried with me every single day for the last 2 years, at least. I’m not seen without the bottle, I’ve traveled back and forth to Colorado with it, I carry it in my purse when we go shopping, it’s always near me.

I don’t drink soda…ok maybe one a month! I drink decaf coffee, occasionally. I’m just not a fan of sugary drinks, never have been. I guess I got lucky that way!

I am curious now though…have you fibromites noticed that drinking more water helps the pain levels? I’ve noticed alot of people saying how they always have water near, but I do have an excessive thirst too, as my mouth is always dry. I’m not positive that’s a part of the lovely Fibromyalgia syndrome, though it must be.


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One response to “can simple water help that much?

  • Lisa Hellen

    I drink TONSSSSSs of water and herbal tea, but never really noticed it helping with pain levels – I do it so I don’t overeat. Being sedentary so often, its not easy to lose weight, so I just don’t let myself gain any if I can help it.

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