happiness come in the shape of a boy…

What a great 2 days it’s been already. Sometimes I wonder if I feel better out of pure will to do so!?

There’s nothing greater than the love of the child. Just knowing he was sleeping soundly in the other room when I woke up this morning made me want to get up, make him breakfast and enjoy the day with him. I’d say that’s one great reason to feel good!

Watching him make shell necklaces for his girlfriend and his step-mom also makes me happy. Happy for the fact that he can take an idea in his head and turn it into something far better than a store purchased gift! Happy that he is he happy. Happy that he is such a handsome boy/man. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to call him a man….without the boy in front of it! Happy that he just checked his grades for the 1st semester and did an absolutely AMAZING job! Such a proud Mommy I am!

I hope that you all can find that one thing, or more, that makes you happy today! Happy enough to get up and even though you feel the pain…find a way to push it aside! Even if it’s only for today.


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

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