unperfect is just perfect…

This year, wrapping presents…they were all done so very perfectly unperfect and you know what? It’s ok. Santa will still come down the chimney and everyone will still rip them open feverously and no one will probably even notice. Did I? YES and it was very hard not to correct the imperfections, until I remembered that my back will hurt from bending so stupidly over the wrapping paper and my hands will hurt from making each fold just exactly so, my shoulders will get super tight from sitting stupidly to make those perfect little folds and therefore I’ll get a lovely little headache from all of the funky twisting and tight muscles. No thanks! I’ll take imperfection this year. Let it be.

I’ve made most of my Christmas presents this year, which all turned out equally unperfect. Instead of redoing them over and over, I decided I’d simply make a funny little note to put with the ones that turned out really unperfect. They are still very useful and I want them to receive these gifts, so the little note making fun of the fact that they are unperfect felt like a whimsical little touch. haha!

I made 2 of the men in my life some bath wraps and between the sewing machine completely uncooperating with me and my incredibly bad sewing skills, they are not the prettiest thing to look at…if inspected at any angle! OK so sewing isn’t my forte…who knew? My itty bitty little wanna be sewing machine (literally, its like 9″ tall!) refused to work correctly, which resulted in my having to hand sew about 9′ of fabric. My hand sewing skills…well let’s just say they are comparable to the skills of a 5 year old! I guess maybe Lisa wasn’t really kidding about the ‘funny bedroom curtains’ I made a few years ago…looks like I’ll be removing those soon! hahaha!

I made lots of beach type decorations, luckily my Mother is doing her kitchen in beach theme and my sister also loves the beach. I started early, thankfully and am almost done. I knocked 3 of the bigger ones out today, now just have odds and ends.

I just hope everyone can look past the imperfections of my hand made treats and realize that I might have been running low on spoons on the day that their specific little creation was made and if not, well they can find another use for it…garage rag, dog toy, etc. hahaha!

I hope everyone has a perfectly unperfect Holiday season!


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