dentist time.

I’m finally going to the Dentist. Over a year of unexplained tooth pain, 2 dentists prior could find nothing. I’m hoping this new one finds something. I hate to have to ask to have my teeth ripped out for no apparent reason. I can no longer chew anything…even bananas, which is just ridiculous, on the left side of my mouth. It hurts on the top and the bottom.  You start to feel silly when you’ve seen so many people about one thing; 1st thing you say is ‘I have fibromyalgia’ then they just look at you as though you’ve said you are an alien. Next thing, you get to explained to a Dentist what Fibro is….they still just look at you blankly. You explain that you have ‘phantom pains that are unexplainable’ then they look at you with that pitiful look at you wonder what they are thinking…’oh good, this one’s gonna be a problem’ or ‘we have a hypochondriac in the house!’ or ‘she’s going to ask for some pain pills, I can feel it already’ who knows what goes on in their minds!?

Then if they find nothing wrong, they suggest you use sensodyne; been there, done that for a year. It does nothing.  You ask them what the next move is and they don’t know. This is sounding all too familiar, why did I think it would be different than seeing an MD? I should expect it to be worse as a Dentist would have much less reason to know about Fibro, let alone what to do with your phantom tooth pain!

So I need the cleaning and the check up anyway, I’m just hoping the tooth fairy can show up and sprinkle her magic tooth fairy dust…she does have that doesn’t she and she comes when beckoned, right? and help that dentist fix my pain! Oh what I would give to be able to eat like a normal human being! You know,  you’d think I woulda been able to lose some more weight in this time frame, since I eat like a bird and have to be choosy about the consistency that goes in my mouth. Hmm…see, the pain really is worthless! hahaha! as if there were ever any doubt about that!

The worst part for me is the cleaning the front of my teeth, the bottom. OMG that hurts SO BAD! it hurts while they are doing it and it hurts for days after. I better mention that….oh yeah, that’s gonna bring out the old hypochondriac looks for sure. I don’t care though. It’s my body, it’s my pain and it’s LEGIT! unfortunately….

Off to the Dentist…



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5 responses to “dentist time.

  • hiddenlives

    Just a note to wish you well and also to say I have some experience with unexplained tooth pain. In my case, it seems to flare when my immune system is really mad at me – then dies down with rest, though sometimes it takes days. The magical healing toothache.

    I see a dentist regularly (though next time I’m taking my pain meds first since I’ll have a driver) and get the all-clear from them.

    I don’t really know what happens specifically, I only know it tells me I’m in deep doo-doo with my illness.

    May this find you having gotten some help.

    • fibrorelief

      Thank you for the comment. I wish mine came and went, I did keep expecting it the other ‘phantom fibro pains’ do. But this one stayed. root canal was the answer. ugh. I hope yours are remedied soon!

  • Abeeliever

    Oh boy! I see you have had to undergo more than the cleaning. I sure hope that you are not in too much pain and that your tooth pain truly goes away, as if someone sprinkled fairy dust and “poof” it’s gone!

  • hiddenlives

    I am so sorry to read you had to have a root canal – been there once, praying never to have to do that again – but so glad to read you’re recovering so well from it!


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