Pain doesn’t exist..only intense physical sensations?!?!?

Pain doesn’t exist, only intense physical sensations.

Does someone want to explain this to me please? I don’t know where I heard it, maybe a movie. I do this thing where I hear something that strikes my fancy…even if I’m not sure why at the moment…I will put it in my phone, in my notes folder (Because my phone is always next to me). Then later I find it, because no doubt I put it in during a fog, and wonder what the heck was I thinking at that given moment? hahaha!

I’ve discovered that I am a researchaholic. No, it’s not a word and wordpress is dutifully reminding me as such by it’s squiggly little underline. But I am. I research and research and research. Is it out of boredom? No, I did it when I was working too. If I didn’t know an answer, I’d be hell bent on finding it out. I google EVERYTHING! But I usual haha!

Wikipedia says ‘Pain is an unpleasant sensation which may be associated with actual or potential tissue damage and which may have physical and emotional components.’

So isn’t the quote ‘Pain doesn’t exist, only intense physical sensations’ sort of redundant? I mean really…an intense physical sensation is indeed pain, therefore it exists because of that.  It may sound good in theory to those of us that live with the crap, but really it’s just deterring our direct attention from the pain to think about it for a minute. The pain doesn’t go away. I can lay perfectly still and have some serious ‘intense physical sensations’ its called PAIN!

I’m sure that whoever said this does definitely NOT live in a world where Pain is a constant factor. Lucky person, but not me.

More crazy quotes I’ve found, enjoyed or didn’t, but wasn’t sure what to do with! hahaha!


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2 responses to “Pain doesn’t exist..only intense physical sensations?!?!?

  • hiddenlives

    Oh boy, thank you for the late-night (well it’s late to me, anyhow) chuckle. Intense sensation indeed! Watch out for any medico’s who say “discomfort”,too 😉


  • Suzanne

    My mom has been doing a lot of research on how pain works. One of the things she mentioned is an article she read about how people with a tendency towards depression actually experience pain differently than healthy people. I find this interesting as fibromyalgia is the same. I have both. I wish I could experience it like it wasn’t there!

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