more spasms? I’m blaming the cold!

I’m sure most of you fibromites have experienced the wonderful, ever-present, muscle spasms…aren’t they a joy?! yeah right!

I notice them always, because well, how can you not? they hurt and they irritate. But I must say that they get so much worse for me when it’s cold. Right now my back is having a good one, right side upper middle where of course I can’t reach it to help alleviate the spasm by rubbing it.

I also get them pretty severely in my shoulders. I attribute this also to being cold. When we are cold it’s a natural response to pull your arms in closer to your body to stay warm. If you are doing this alot and holding them close then you are putting strain on those muscles, therefore you are causing yourself pain.

Fibromites have to be very careful what they do with their bodies. We have to watch every move we make to ensure we are not causing added pain with movements. We must sit a certain way, bend over a certain way, hold things a certain way, attempt to sleep a certain way. For if we don’t it will surely wreak havoc on us later in the day or tomorrow.

Not only do we have to keep our bodies at the most relaxed state possible but we also have to keep them warm. The cold will cause a different level of pain for us. Yes, I refer to the different types of pains as levels, because that’s the way they feel to me. The Dr’s charts don’t do justice for fibromites, on any given day I cannot rate my pain level at a 3 or a 9. I don’t feel that’s accurate. Different days, different situations cause different ‘levels’ of pain for me. Cold sends me through the roof, causing my level to be miserable and deep. Walking, on a good day, is also a different level as it’s not a deep pain but rather a ‘on the top’ type of pain usually. That special time of the month where hormone levels are all over the place sends me to an entirely different level of deep, insane, mind numbing pain; is it a 10?! most definitely but that 10 just doesn’t do the pain justice, it’s so much worse than that.

I would say that next to the hormone changes that cause the horrendous pain, the cold is 2nd runner-up. The slightest chilly breeze will make me hurt. It’s a pain that feels it starts on top of the skin and goes clear through to the bone, where it sits and continues to freeze. I absolutely HATE being cold. It makes me miserable and cranky and sad because I have to feel all of those things from a simple breeze or the shade on a cool day.

I’ve learned to wear my layers; long sleeves underneath a t-shirt and a jacket, gloves in the pockets and a scarf close by, if not around my neck. I don’t care if my friends and relatives make fun of me anymore. I just ignore them. I don’t care that tourists look at me like I am a lunatic because they came from the snow and it’s 50 here and I’m dressed as though there will be a blizzard at any moment and they are wearing shorts and flip-flops. I don’t care. It keeps me from having more pain and that’s all that matters.

I hope everyone is staying warm and pain-free this winter and I’m hoping my colder weather goes away quick. I moved here for this main reason. I expect Mother Nature to hold up her end of the bargain! hahaha!

I have another entry where I discussed cold sensitivity at


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3 responses to “more spasms? I’m blaming the cold!

  • Lisa Hellen

    I live in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania – the cold is so brutal here, I am stuck on my sofa for the entire fall/winter seasons. I go thru a full fibro flareup lasting from October until April, every year.
    heating blankets, scarves in the house, you name it, I’m doing it lol
    i can’t wait to move.
    I’m hoping this will be my last winter in this cold place.

    • fibrorelief

      I hope you can get out soon too! Soon all the warm climates will be full of FMS sufferers! haha! I know it helped me IMMENSELY! and am grateful everyday that I got the opportunity to move! Hang in there and stay as warm as possible. My favorite thing in Colorado, other than layers, was those little hand warmers you can open them up and they are small enough to put in gloves, boots, etc. I had a stockpile of them in my car, purse, at my desk…I had them everywhere! I hope you get warm soon!

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