Monthly Archives: December 2010

fibro gifts are grand!

Microfiber neck pillow…best invention EVER! So far it’s kept the headaches away while working on the computer or watching tv…gotta love that!

Warm, fuzzy socks…I wear them all day, every day. Unless I go out, of course.

Gel packs in different shapes, covered in nice warm fuzzy softness. I have to boil these to make them warm and then put them inside their sleeves, which isn’t super handy but they are amazing when they are warm and it really only takes a few minutes to get them to the desired temp.

Gel packed things that I don’t know the names of right now, cuz I’m too lazy to get up off the sofa to check, they have a little disk in them that you break and the gel moves into the clear gel and makes them warm. I got one for my neck, a set of shoe inserts for my cold footsies and a long skinny one to wrap around arms, legs, wrists, etc. and a small round one for on the spot heat.

I got an amazing knife that will help because it cuts like a dream. I no longer have to ‘saw’ through potatoes and ruin my veggies and fruits!

My Mom made me some super cute fibro signs, she was inspired by the website Zazzle (picture below is from a shirt on Zazzle, they have such cool stuff!) that I sent her the link to! Love them! I’ve never really received a ‘fibro gift’ before so it was pretty cool!

I loved all my gifts of course! Handmade things from my son were fabulous! I was a lucky gyrl this Christmas! I hope you all had a great one also and got some handy ‘fibro gifts’ too!