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fibro gifts are grand!

Microfiber neck pillow…best invention EVER! So far it’s kept the headaches away while working on the computer or watching tv…gotta love that!

Warm, fuzzy socks…I wear them all day, every day. Unless I go out, of course.

Gel packs in different shapes, covered in nice warm fuzzy softness. I have to boil these to make them warm and then put them inside their sleeves, which isn’t super handy but they are amazing when they are warm and it really only takes a few minutes to get them to the desired temp.

Gel packed things that I don’t know the names of right now, cuz I’m too lazy to get up off the sofa to check, they have a little disk in them that you break and the gel moves into the clear gel and makes them warm. I got one for my neck, a set of shoe inserts for my cold footsies and a long skinny one to wrap around arms, legs, wrists, etc. and a small round one for on the spot heat.

I got an amazing knife that will help because it cuts like a dream. I no longer have to ‘saw’ through potatoes and ruin my veggies and fruits!

My Mom made me some super cute fibro signs, she was inspired by the website Zazzle (picture below is from a shirt on Zazzle, they have such cool stuff!) that I sent her the link to! Love them! I’ve never really received a ‘fibro gift’ before so it was pretty cool!

I loved all my gifts of course! Handmade things from my son were fabulous! I was a lucky gyrl this Christmas! I hope you all had a great one also and got some handy ‘fibro gifts’ too!


routine is all out of whack

So the boy is here for 4 more days, I hate the thought of him leaving though I’m sure he is probably ready to go home to his girlfriend and all of his friends. The wife is off work for 5 more days and I know she is Never ready to go back! haha But having them both around all the time has been fun, it’s also thrown my regular routine completely out of whack.

I haven’t been eating right, which brings pain. I haven’t done my yoga everyday, which brings pain. I forget to take my supplements, which brings pain. I know it shouldn’t matter if they are home but somehow it does. I’d rather spend my time cuddling with my son than doing yoga. I’d rather make delicious comfort food than salads and veggies. It’s a hard habit to break, I guess I need some more work.

It’s noon now and I’m laying here applying for jobs and blogging, snoring is still happening next to me (and I’m not referring to the dog this time) and my son is still sleeping soundly in the living room. I’ve been up for 2 hours. We don’t go to bed until midnight, which I’m used to but somehow it feels different when everyone else is still asleep and I’m not! haha

I’m not a routine type of person, or so I thought! I should still be sleeping soundly  too as I was up all night with night sweats. Man I hate that feeling, then I’d throw the blankets off and freeze in 2  minutes! I couldn’t win! It’s raining again and from the way  my body started feeling yesterday I’m going to be in bed over the next couple of days. So I better get up and eat some fruits and veggies and take my supplements and do my  yoga so that maybe the time in bed will be cut in half!

pooped out….

It’s over. Months of shopping and preparing and it’s all over in just an hour or so. Good thing the memories last forever!

Mine went off without a hitch…I did much better for Christmas dinner than I did on Turkey day…that was a good “Christmas miracle” haha!  Delicious food…all the presents I asked for and many more.  It’s been one fantastic day!

Do my feet hurt? Horribly. They are reminding me as I sit here and type how much I’ve used them the last couple of days by throbbing uncontrollably.

Does my lower back hurt from standing on hard tile cooking snacks all day yesterday and dinner all day today….you have no idea!

Was it all worth it? Absolutely! Plus I got some great fibro gifts that I wasn’t expecting. I got some great microfiber warming things that are perfectly amazing. I got some good body comfort heating things that are going to come in more handy than not. Most importantly my son and my wife were here making the day great!

It’s time to play some more Mario Bros now and rest my weary body cuz yes, I am completely pooped out..I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas Eve and Day as I did, despite the pain!

Yes this time it’s really my ham!

can simple water help that much?

How much water do you drink? Is it the recommended 64 ounces a day? I usually drink at least that, most days I drink about 96 ounces. I drink alot and I pee alot! haha!

In times of pain I reevaluate everything! Today I’m no reevaluating my water intake today but rather questioning if it’s really more beneficial to fibromites than those that are healthy.  I tried to find a few articles on it and there were just that…very few and old.

We noticed our water tasted a little ‘dirty’ when we moved here so we ordered a water cooler when the salesman came door to door. Almost a year later we discovered that we are paying far too much for something we already pay for that flows freely from our faucets and it no longer tastes dirty so we canceled our cooler and bottle water. We ran out of water 2 days ago, I’ve noticed that I have not had nearly as much water in the last 2 days. I’m not sure why though. Maybe it’s because we’ve been so busy, no that can’t be it..that should make me more thirsty! Maybe it’s because the cooler was easier…no, that can’t be it…the faucet doesn’t require me picking up an incredibly heavy bottle and loading it on a cooler. Maybe I’ve just been slacking..yup that’s it! 😉

I bought a plastic 32 ounce water bottle from Target that I have literally carried with me every single day for the last 2 years, at least. I’m not seen without the bottle, I’ve traveled back and forth to Colorado with it, I carry it in my purse when we go shopping, it’s always near me.

I don’t drink soda…ok maybe one a month! I drink decaf coffee, occasionally. I’m just not a fan of sugary drinks, never have been. I guess I got lucky that way!

I am curious now though…have you fibromites noticed that drinking more water helps the pain levels? I’ve noticed alot of people saying how they always have water near, but I do have an excessive thirst too, as my mouth is always dry. I’m not positive that’s a part of the lovely Fibromyalgia syndrome, though it must be.


So I talk about doing things naturally alot, but somehow I have never done a blog about the supplements that I take. I do talk about them here and there, but thought maybe I’d do a blog dedicated only to them, since they really do seem to be very important in my pain levels and living the best life I can with Fibromyalgia.

I have tried many many different supplements over the years but I always kept going back to just a couple that worked well for me. Now we all know how very different each one of us are and that our bodies will react differently to meds, alternative treatments, supplements, etc. But since I took my trials from trials of other fibromites, maybe mine can help you too. They are not expensive but worth their weight in gold!

Magnesium is a must. I haven’t seen one person say that it made things worse, only better. So naturally I started taking it a couple years ago.  I noticed the muscle spasms subsided immensely. Yes, I still get them, but they are less frequent and less intense than they used to be. I take 500mg every day, if I’m having a rough week I will increase it to 1,000mg. My Father has some hand tremor issues that I noticed over a year ago, I did some research and found that adding it to his diet could help so I asked him to try it and low and behold, his tremors are almost gone. People even comment to him that he no longer shakes so much! yay for Magnesium! If you decide to try it, please google it and do some research on it before you start. It can cause tummy trouble and if you have IBS, like me, then you don’t need any more tummy troubles! But I take it with food and I have not had any trouble. There are different types that you can try if so.

B-100 complex – this one is a Godsend! I am sure that I would not leave the bed at least a couple of days out of every week without it. I have energy! If I think I’m getting sluggish I can not take it for a day or two and I get a quick reminder of exactly how it’s effecting my body and my energy level. It also helps with anxiety issues, PMS, and many other things. Go get some! I would also suggest you do your research on this before starting it. I cannot imagine not having my B’s in my body every day! I also double up on them during stressful times (when I know they are coming) and during my period, they seem to help the PMS a little more.

L-lysine – this one you’ve read about, if you follow my blog. If you haven’t read it, click on it and it’ll take you to my blog about antivirals.  You will also see a comment that was left by a fellow blogger about side effects that Lysine can cause.  I am working on some more research on that. I certainly don’t need any future issues caused by a supplement that I’m not positive has made a huge difference in my life yet. I need more time and information before this one becomes an every day, long term supplement.

Melatonin – This little gem I will NEVER be without! It’s super cheap but it’s worth a million bucks to me! I took sleeping pill after sleeping pill, always woke up groggy with a hangover feeling, but not taking them meant getting very little to no sleep which definitely makes things worse. My Aunt was visiting and she had a bottle, we got to talking about it and she left me 10 pills to try out. I took  2 the first night (6mg) and slept like a baby! I woke up refreshed and happy that I had slept all night again! I now start with one capsule (3mg) and if I don’t get sleepy within an hour or so, I’ll take one more. Rarely do I need 2, unless it’s been on overly crazy day for me. $3.50 for a bottle of 60…you can’t beat that!

Acidophilus – is a probiotic, I take this when my IBS starts to flair. I take it for heartburn, I take it for tummy aches, I take it for health. It’s a probiotic…it does fabulous things for you! Love it!

I’ve tried many many other things but these are the supplements I take daily and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I’m always on the lookout for more supplements that can make me healthier, happier and stronger. I’ve recently read about Pulsatilla and Arnica but haven’t done much research on them. If you take them, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. I also read on a blog about Natures Way Alive Multivitamins. I don’t presently take a multivitamin, but probably should!

I usually get my D’s from the sun, but with the weather being so crappy of late, I’m debating going and getting some Ds to see if it’ll lift my spirits a bit! Since the sun just refuses to cooperate!

so very sleepy….

OK after 2 weeks of non stop rain, I’m seriously over it. I just want to see the sun again. I want to feel it’s warm rays washing over me, make me feel warm and cozy. I want to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in with my son. I need this, it heals me.

I’ve been staying up playing games with my son til about 10:30 then trying to go to sleep. I take my Melatonin, just as I have every night for the past few months, but I wake up every hour in pain. Tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable way to lay. Pain in the hip, pain in the shoulders and ‘cold pain’ yet sweating at the same time. So I’m very sleepy this week.

‘Cold pain’ as I have dubbed it, because I don’t know if there’s a technical term… the pain that goes deep, very deep and is caused by cold. Not below zero cold, just cold. In my case today it’s probably 65 or so in my house I’m guessing. So it’s really not cold, but my body says differently. If you’ve ever gotten frost bite, it feels a bit like that. Almost as though someone has taken the ice pick that has been stuck in a big block of ice and is now shoving it down into your arm (or whatever area is having the sensation at the time) and swirling it around, causing just a little more pain. It tingles almost and feels as though you can’t move that part of your body for fear it will crack and break from the cold. ‘Cold pain.’

Maybe it’s just the rain…I hope so. When it’s gone I’ll magically go back to having a few pains here and there, but able to sleep well with my melatonin. Sleep is so very huge for Fibromites and I can definitely feel the pain differences when I don’t get my 9-12 hours! My eyes are heavy and want to go back to sleep. I tried…for an hour I lay here and tried my hardest to go back to sleep. No dice. The mind wanders, thinks of the most ridiculous things it can and then dwells on that thing until it gets bored and moves onto the next odd thing it can think of. Too bad I haven’t tricked it into thinking about sleep yet! Oh well, guess I’m up for the day. With big bags under my eyes and my mouth in constant yawn form.

I have an interview today….I want to stay excited for interviews but after the luck I’ve had for the last year, it’s really hard to be excited at all, especially when I’ve so very sleepy.

darn this weather…and sugar!

So I’ve slipped horribly this week. I hurt like hell, ok maybe not quite hell yet but we are on our way. This darn California rain is relentless and I’m so very over it!

Not only did it make me miss the Newport Beach Christmas boat parade that I was honestly looking forward to all year, but it makes me hurt! I’m glad it’s not the same as Colorado storms, there doesn’t seem to be nearly as MUCH pain so I’m grateful for that. Though could definitely do without the rib pain, man that hurts!

We made WAYYYY too many Christmas cookies this year…but it’s a tradition that I simply can’t let fall to the waste side. I loved making cookies with my Gma and My Mom and I feel it’s my responsibility to continue that tradition. Yes they complained a little, but they also enjoyed it…despite what they say. Yes my son is 18 and my wife…well, she’s easy going and went with it, as she does every year. I ate too many of those wonderful little devils and I am positive that added to the pain.

I also forgot my supplements, in the hustle and bustle, 2 days in a row. Not cool and I’m hoping I don’t get a headache because of it! Today I’m getting back on track, if only until tonight when I get that craving for another delicious sugar cookie! haha!

The rain is supposed to stop Wednesday, for a short break. The cookies will be gone soon and Christmas will be all over. boohoo. Until then, I’ll try to keep the pain in check by following my own rules and staying wrapped up in my electric blankie!

OK these aren’t ours but they are close! 😉