bonafide fibro fog turkey dinner indeed!

So I slept a few hours, got up early and got the bird in the oven. But wait, how much did the turkey weigh so I know how long to cook it? I don’t know……Why, you ask, do I not know the weight? Because I took it out of the wrap to brine it the day before and guess who forgot to right down the weight somewhere, because you really don’t think that I would remember it do you? Yup…me.

The best guess between the two of us is 20 pounds. Get on the scale ,you might be suggesting, and weigh yourself to see how much it weighs! Good idea….hmmm it says 15 pounds. Ok we have 3-4 hours, let’s play the Wii!

3 hours later…Um we better start the other stuff! hahaha! Check the turkey…it’s already done! Oh my!

Ok no biggie, taters will take 30 minutes then we can eat. Gravy is in the works, we are hungry!

Taters done. Get the milk out please, oh man….there sits the casserole….I forgot to cook the green bean casserole! hahahaha! 35 minutes for that. Turkey’s already done, taters and gravy are done.

Get the butter out please, oh man I forgot the crescent rolls! hahahaha! ok no biggie 14 minutes and THEN we can eat! Turkey’s done, taters and gravy are done, casserole and rolls still not done.

Dressing….did I really forget that too?! Come on! OK no biggie still, dressing from a box takes 5 minutes!

Crescents are done, so the casserole is coming out, I don’t care if it still needs 14 minutes to cook, its done!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah we had lots of hiccups, but you know what? It doesn’t really matter, everything worked out and after all, if it didn’t …it wasn’t gonna be the end of the world now was it?

DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had a deliciously comical turkey day too!


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

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