cold, cold, cold sensitivity….

Because we don’t already have enough issues with Fibro, let’s throw in some temperature sensitivities, shall we?

Living in Colorado for a winter after my diagnosis, I knew darn good and well that the cold was not good for me at all, I had the worst winter of my life. We moved our plans up by 9 months and moved to Cali early. Last winter here was easy…a few rainy days, no biggie. This year I feel like I’m back in Denver. Maybe my body got acclimated and now 60 degrees is simply TOO COLD for me! I am freezing! It’s been much rainier than last year and I know that when the rain is coming I should just prepare to hurt, prepare to be miserable for the day or two, depending on the storm but this chilly weather has got to go!

Do I have to move to Arizona in the winter to escape any chilliness whatsoever? lol I can’t do that! I love Cali and chose this area because it’s knows to stay warmer all year around. Somehow Mother Nature didn’t get that memo this year. Now I know alot of you are thinking I am crazy. 50’s and 60’s are NOT cold, well..not when you live in a place that gets below 0, I’ll give you that! I’m a little crazy about my temperatures, my family has jokes about it. ha!

Last night, when I was cold to the bone and simply could not get warm; I had a heating pad under me, my heating blanket on top of me and our, fresh on the bed, down comforter on top. I should have been warm, but I was freezing! It’s that cold that goes all the way inside of you, to the bone, literally. I stuck my arm out from under the covers this morning and in a matter of minutes it was aching. Really? Now, I don’t have a thermometer in my house but I’m sure that its 65-70 degrees in here, could I really be that sensitive to the chill? Apparently

I guess I better take a super hot shower, which will take an hour or longer to recover from; dress in layers, which will cause me to take off and put on frequently, which could cause a muscle pull at any given moment; wear socks and shoes, which I absolutely hate; and keep my house closed up, which I believe adds to SAD that I certainly don’t need; I’ll no doubt get a tension headache from shivering or sweating, which every occurs at that very moment in time; My long sleeve shirts will get stretched out from pushing up the sleeves in the moment of a sweat attack, which then makes the sleeves all puffy and loose and annoying when I have to put them back down from a freezing attack; If I take my shoes off in the house, then I will have to roll my long pants up and look like a fool, because walking on the seam of them hurts like hell. WOW, I have issues. hahaha!

So today I’m hoping that the weather man is wrong by 10 degrees and I’m hoping all of you are staying warm and getting ready to stuff yourselves silly with turkey. Speaking of turkey, I better get in the kitchen now…….oh…it’ll be warm in there! yay!

Happy Thanksgiving! gobble gobble!


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3 responses to “cold, cold, cold sensitivity….

  • Suzanne

    I feel your aches. October 10th was the worst day this year for me so far with the relationship between fibromyalgia and the cold. I’ve come up with a few things that help: hot herbal tea, cozy house shoes, Sunbeam electric blanket and heated microfiber throw. They don’t cure the problem, but they make it bearable when I’m in the house. And of course, the heated pool during exercise time!

  • Karen

    I’m commiserating with you! Right now, my feet are so frozen that it’s making the rest of me cold, too. Something that I have found to be very helpful are rice bags – I make mine out of inexpensive tube socks! Fill one tube sock with regular rice (not Minute Rice or anything of that ilk), tie a knot in the sock, then put the rice-filled sock inside of another one of the tube socks (it acts like a pillow case: if it gets soiled, throw it in the wash!). Microwave for 1 to 3 minutes (my perfect time is 2:45) & apply! This works for frozen body parts & for sore muscles!

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