oh the throbbing…

oops, I think I overdid it this weekend. Imagine that! My Mother even warned me about overdoing it, after reading ‘the spoon theory’ (which I hope you have read from my previous posting, cuz it’s really good!)

Making Christmas presents turned into shopping for necessary parts, sitting at funny angles on the edge of the sofa and using my hands WAY too much. Then that needed cleaned up. We are having company this week, so the rest of the house needed a good scrubbing,  too. I’m thankful that we only have 750 square feet and that the little woman was home to help!

Cleaning turned into redecorating the kitchen and making cool art work, which meant more sitting funny, standing too long and reaching way too much. But the kitchen sure looks cool now. 🙂

Finally at about 5 it was over. Whew….I’ll be glad when the weekend is over and Lisa goes back to work! hahaha! She wears me out. I have a feeling this next week is gonna be crazy. I’ll find the pain pills, the muscle pain relief cream and keep on the heating pad as often as can and hopefully I’ll make it through without too much confrontation from the Fibro jerk.

But right now I’m sitting on a heating pad, under my cozy down comforter, resting. The throbbing is insane. My whole backside is not happy with me. My feet are on fire and pulsating as if they are dancing in pain. My rear end feels like I’m involuntarily doing glute exercises. My back feels as though I carried around a small child with me all day and my hands are screaming for old lady muscle rub.  So off I go to slather myself with muscle rub and rest up for the week coming.


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

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