spasms…funny yet not

Muscle spasms are fun, aren’t they? ha! right…

As I’m sitting here my back is twitching..painfully I might add which is very uncool and I cannot reach it to massage it into submission and I’m home alone of course. Don’t move…sit very very still and maybe it’ll go away. Oh man..I have to pee.

The back of my thigh is going 90 miles an hour, causing my laptop to jump as it’s sitting on my thighs, keeping me warm of course. Quite funny when you are looking at it as an innocent by-stander, but quite annoying when you are feeling it.

My personal favorite is the eye twitch…holy Mama I love this one….it makes you feel like one of those cartoons on tv that can’t stop doing something over and over but really, I just want to shoot myself in the eye. Very annoying! Especially while sitting across from someone, conversing casually….you wonder if they can see it..what do they think? Is it making them as nutty as it’s making me? Maybe I can try to casually rub it away. Maybe if I just sit with my hand over my eye it can rest and then go away, oh that’ll make me look even crazier. Wait…what was the conversation about again cuz all I can think about is the twitch. ha!

The tender point inside the knee..this one truly makes my whole lower leg ‘jump’ if I don’t stay on top of these tender points it can get very comical, yet very annoying. I feel like a carnival side show with all of my involuntary movements sometimes.

Everyday it’s something new! I hope you all have a spasm free day today!


About fibrorelief

I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

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