oh the flare!

I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a full blown flare since I moved to California. I had many in Colorado from the weather changes and the snow. I’ve been lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I still get the dreaded pain and the fog but my idea of a flare is scale 10 pain over almost all of my body, that hangs on for days with some fog mixed in and in my case added tummy troubles.  Hello Flare, you’ve found your way back to my body, dammit.

by Patti Holden

Shall I blame the alcoholic beverages I consumed this weekend? Or the bad food I ate? Or the lack of sleep for the last 4 days? Or maybe the fact that I haven’t done any yoga or much of anything really at all for the last couple of days and that is making matters worse? Oh the blame game…sometimes I think if I know what causes it I can avoid it, but unless it’s one specific thing I haven’t discovered yet I think it’s just some mean, mean game played by the Fibro.

I’m lucky in that I don’t have anything truly pressing to do again today. I can look for a job from my bed, the house is fairly clean and I had nowhere on my agenda that I really needed to go today.  I just wanted to be able to get out of bed…maybe do some Christmas present crafting.  This is the 3rd day that I’ve laid around and done almost nothing. Today may have to be a pain pill day. ugh

I like to look back on past blogs I’ve written to remember days of feeling good. I tend to ‘start over’ frequently with what I feel makes me feel better. I guess today is going to be a starting over type of day. I slept until 11am, however didn’t go to sleep until about 3:30am and had weird dreams which woke me frequently during the night. I’m tired and weak and feel like hell.

Today I am starting over with Bentonite Clay. It helps detox the body and has many other health benefits. I actually discovered it when I did my colon cleanse and I honestly don’t know why I stopped taking it. Here’s a link if you’d like to read more about it. Just google it and you’ll get more information than you ever cared to know! I bought a very large bottle at Mother’s Market for $14!   http://www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/bentonite-clay.ht

I will also go back to my all natural diet today. I got WAY off course this last week and even though I wasn’t feeling horrible, I wasn’t feeling my best and why oh why would I not want to feel my best? I have no idea…I mean I ate McDonald’s Saturday for crying out loud! I haven’t had McDonald’s in over a year, and now I remember why. Gross!

So I got off course and my body is reminding me to knock it off… get back on track and feel better! This may be a true test for the food and supplement theory I have. We shall see how the next few days go. I could sure use a much lower pain level, some energy and to just feel human again!  If any of you would like to join me on this specific start over journey let me know, it’d be great to have some company!

Daily supplements:

  • Bentonite Clay – 1 tsp in Am and 1 tsp in PM – Do NOT eat anything 1 hr before and 1 hr after taking
  • Malic Acid with Magnesium & 5-HTP made by Solaray- 3 capsules per day
  • B-100 complex – 1 per day
  • Probiotics – I take 1 daily when I take the Bentonite Clay and more as needed for tummy troubles

Picture by Patti Holden


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