sensitivity issues anyone?

So I thought this was maybe just my normal, moody self..however after many months of it I’m thinking it’s more than that.

Yeah so I’m a little cranky. A little moody. A little bitchy. So what?! It’s part of my charm! haha!

Someone better turn off that damn fan over the stove or I’m gonna go ballistic! and do NOT leave the fan on in the bathroom either, I cannot stand to listen to it again. But leave the fan on while I sleep cuz it’s soothing. WOW…now who sounds crazy?! Oh yeah..Me!

What is that smell? what do you mean you don’t smell it? It’s overwhelming!

Can’t you feel and smell that cold air? Where is it coming from? No I’m not on’s COLD!

OMG who turned the heat on? I’m so hot, I’m sweating just sitting here. Yes I know it’s only 70 degrees outside, but it’s HOT right here!

What the heck is that beeping sound? I know you can hear it…it’s a constant ‘beep, beep’ and it’s making me batty!

And why oh why do commercials have to be so much louder than the actual tv show that I’m watching? Is it so that what I get up to get a snack or use the restroom I will still hear the annoying thing? If I don’t have the remote right next to me at all times, I will go into panic mode until the commercial gets turned down.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture I think. I haven’t ever asked a Dr about this..mostly cuz I don’t have a Dr that knows jack about Fibro…I do remember reading it in a book once. Sometimes I think I should just live in a bubble made of cotton so not to cause any pain or noise.


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

5 responses to “sensitivity issues anyone?

  • christysmilez

    Haha this is totally me! I am crying from laughing!!!! I love it!

  • christysmilez

    Yeah I think its just because we have to have sense of humor about it!!! if not I am sure it would make us crazy!!! I needed a laugh and smile and u sure did it! thank you!

  • Kronic

    Is this really a Fibromyalgia symptom? I’ve never heard of this one – I just thought I was crazy, too! I have always had a pet peeve about ‘eating sounds’…like, people chewing with their mouth open, but if I just hear someone open their mouth from across the room, I want to scream! And we have a cat and a dog who seem to clean themselves incessantly!! All those licking sounds (in addition to other sounds, feelings, smells). You are SO right.

    But I suppose I could still be crazy, the jury is still out πŸ˜‰

    • fibrorelief

      Well, research says different things in different places and most is so yet unknown, however I did actually read this one and a lot of the other odd things that I deal with on a regular basis in a book I found at the library. It’s an older book and it gets very boring in places, but I literally sat with my mouth on the floor the majority of the time I was reading it…in awe from some of the things that I certainly never would have put together with Fibromyalgia. Just goes to show why it’s so hard to find the cure or even relief! The book is: “Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome” by Devin Starlanyl MD and Mary Ellen Copeland MD

      My poor dog has to go in the other room to clean herself, I simply cannot tolerate it, so I feel ya there! πŸ˜‰ Her panting on the bed also sends me into a crazy mode! lol

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