to Dr or not to Dr?!

So I’ve been in Cali for over a year and have seen one Dr..whom I dislike very much but needed asthma medication so I had no choice at the time. I talked to him about my FMS but as Dr’s before he pretty much just blew me off…stating I needed to have a bunch of tests run, which I had already had prior and also he knew i had no insurance, so needless to say I haven’t gone back. Luckily I found a great asthma Dr through a drug study I signed up for and I get to see him for free! yay! I still have no insurance, but rather some California state assisted program which may as well not even exist as I still can’t afford to see a Dr, unless I don’t pay a couple other bills this month.

I’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks, off and on, and I thought maybe it was just a flare that was coming and going, but now I’m just not so sure. I’m doing all natural and have been for about a year now…vitamins, supplements and Aleve is all I take. I have lots of medication that I ‘hoarded’ when I knew I was quitting my job last  year and would have no insurance, so I have meds to take when the  pain gets too bad. I hate taking Oxycontin and Roxycodone and Percocet and whatever else I have in there, but sometimes you just have no choice when the pain comes and just won’t go away.

I’m dealing with alot of IBS issues and it’s starting to get to me, plus it’s making me worry which in return is making me feel worse I think. Another ‘fibro loop of pain’ I call it. I’ve read and read and read about the IBS, I’ve cut out all the crappy foods, the caffeine, the alcohol. But still, I deal with these tummy troubles. I know the Dr is simply going to tell me that I need a colonoscopy which I don’t have the insurance or money for and even when I did, I refused to have it done. I cannot fathom the thought, honestly. Yes, I know it’s no big deal….lots of people do it…I don’t care…

My joints are starting to hurt worse, even when there is no rain and I had a blood test come back 2 years ago with a low level of arthritis and my then Dr said we needed to stay on top of that, which I haven’t done. I really don’t want to know that I have one more thing that will never go away and will only make me feel like crap, I’m not sure that would be good for my sanity!

I know that I’m going to need Dr’s records if and when I decide to file for disability…but what are you supposed to do when you simply don’t want to see a medical Dr? When you don’t want to try more medications that only make you feel worse, more groggy or actually make your symptoms worse? Why should I waste my time and money to go see someone who makes you feel like I am making it all up when I can sit here and type for free with nobody thinking I’m looney!? LOL

So to Dr…or not to Dr?! I stay up on the new meds and things for FMS, I read every single day something somewhere…but there isn’t anything new that I haven’t tried, so maybe I’ll just stay home in my jammies, electric blanket and warm socks and forget about the Dr, for today anyway! 😉

If you are reading this and you have tried something new that is working for you, I’d love to hear it. I’ve tried almost everything on the market, I do believe. There’s a medication list floating around here somewhere!

Stay warm and feel good today….


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

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