I hate those days when I just feel blah. There is no other way to describe it. Blah.

Today obviously is one of those days. I’m not in extreme pain, about a 4 which is good for me! Nothing major other than the cluster headaches that I believe are back. Oh boy! I literally get excited when I wake up with no headache in the morning and despite the nasty pain I was in last week, I only had a headache one day! But yesterday and today…the little booger is hanging on for dear life, not moving, not releasing.

I blamed eating to late in the day yesterday as the intensity last night was horrible, but I did wake up with that ‘swollen brain’ feeling….so I guess if that’s the worst for today I’ll take it. As if I had a choice, right? ha!

Last night, after crafting for 2 days I was in big time pain, about an 8. I pushed through sea shell hunting yesterday afternoon because it had been at least a week since we went to the beach and I felt that I really needed to go enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Then I even came home and we crafted some more Christmas presents, but about 6pm I went to stand up and thought I was going to fall right back over. The inside of my knees hurt SO BAD!!!!!!!!!! I noticed the pain while walking on the beach, but it was only about a 4 then. After cleaning up our crafting mess, making dinner and almost crying numerous times in between, I laid down in bed to watch tv and finish posting our crafts on etsy….I could feel my heart beating in my knee area and the pain was INTENSE throbbing, sending sick feelings to my stomach. Muscle rub and two heating pads later, I had a tiny bit of relief, but then laid in bed until 2am waiting for the pain to subside enough to sleep.

So today, I’m just blah. The knees feel significantly better, however I will not be going to the gym or doing much walking as I feel I should rest them. I did walk 1 mile and rode stationary bike 2 miles on Friday..that could be the problem! When you feel good, it’s hard not to do too much. Someday maybe I will learn.

Foggy brained blah Monday. Maybe it’s the rain that fell all night?! Who ever really knows with can make yourself nutty trying to figure out what causes the issues you deal with on a daily basis. It’s not worth it…just make the best of the situation. Today my pain level is at a 4! Despite the other junk…that’s a good thing!!



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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

2 responses to “blah…

  • christysmilez

    Oh the ocean…my love!!! Wish i lived near so i can shell hunt! love it!…as for your pain I am sorry…I know my knees have been so bad and I just feel i cant take it at some points..I have to get up and walk but you know that it hurts so much it makes it more difficult. I am with ya on the blah..woke up today and all i feel is blah and i have doctors apt..yay rah..I mean i am ready to go and tell him how I feel but i wish i could do it in the comfort of my pjs and fuzzy boot slippers!!! Hope you have a low pain day today!!! Hugs girl

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