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anti viral medications…do they work?

I don’t know if this is another accidental finding or just a coincidence, so I thought I’d ask anyone that may stop by to tell me if they’ve tried anti viral medications for their Fibromyalgia symtoms.  The possible finding was that I had been blessed with one of the largest, most painful cold sore I’ve ever had in my life in September, Lucky me, I know! I treated this nasty booger with everything I had on hand, zovirax, cold sore creams and nothing was working. The pain was excruciating! I did some research online, because apparently that’s what I do but that’s another story, and found the natural anti viral supplement L-Lysine and I ran to Mother’s Market to get me a bottle. People swore by this stuff…for all kinds of things but mostly for the cold sore, online people know everything!

Long story somewhat shorter…the directions for the Lysine said you can take a regular daily dose to ward off future cold sore outbreaks, so I was taking 1,000 mg a day after it was completely gone. I was feeling really good, all over, after that nasty little booger went away and I noticed the change, but I had also added the magnesium back in so I gave it all the credit.  I stopped taking the Lysine right before that horrible flare I had for a week, I don’t know why I quit taking it..I think there’s  a weird thing in my head that only allows me to take 3 or 4 pills a day and that one got booted from the list. I’ll have to work on that little ‘eccentricity’ of  mine! haha!

Concentrate…back to question….has anyone ever talked to a Dr about anti virals? tried natural supplements with anti viral properties? Ever even hear of using anti virals to treat FMS symptoms at all?

Here’s some links I found on the subject;

There’s alot more, but you can google it if you want to read more.  One of these was written in 2004, which makes me want to believe that this either doesn’t work or not enough people know about it. Being the pessimist that I am, I’m guessing that if it was that good at relieving symptoms people would know about it. Regardless, I’m gonna start the Lysine again in the morning and see what happens. This time I haven’t started any other new supplements to mess with my theory testing!