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anti viral medications…do they work?

I don’t know if this is another accidental finding or just a coincidence, so I thought I’d ask anyone that may stop by to tell me if they’ve tried anti viral medications for their Fibromyalgia symtoms.  The possible finding was that I had been blessed with one of the largest, most painful cold sore I’ve ever had in my life in September, Lucky me, I know! I treated this nasty booger with everything I had on hand, zovirax, cold sore creams and nothing was working. The pain was excruciating! I did some research online, because apparently that’s what I do but that’s another story, and found the natural anti viral supplement L-Lysine and I ran to Mother’s Market to get me a bottle. People swore by this stuff…for all kinds of things but mostly for the cold sore, online people know everything!

Long story somewhat shorter…the directions for the Lysine said you can take a regular daily dose to ward off future cold sore outbreaks, so I was taking 1,000 mg a day after it was completely gone. I was feeling really good, all over, after that nasty little booger went away and I noticed the change, but I had also added the magnesium back in so I gave it all the credit.  I stopped taking the Lysine right before that horrible flare I had for a week, I don’t know why I quit taking it..I think there’s  a weird thing in my head that only allows me to take 3 or 4 pills a day and that one got booted from the list. I’ll have to work on that little ‘eccentricity’ of  mine! haha!

Concentrate…back to question….has anyone ever talked to a Dr about anti virals? tried natural supplements with anti viral properties? Ever even hear of using anti virals to treat FMS symptoms at all?

Here’s some links I found on the subject;

There’s alot more, but you can google it if you want to read more.  One of these was written in 2004, which makes me want to believe that this either doesn’t work or not enough people know about it. Being the pessimist that I am, I’m guessing that if it was that good at relieving symptoms people would know about it. Regardless, I’m gonna start the Lysine again in the morning and see what happens. This time I haven’t started any other new supplements to mess with my theory testing!


relearning is hard.

In one of the many books I read on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Symptom there was a chapter on relearning. I thought it a strange concept but probably very necessary, as I may very well have to live with this pain for the rest of my life; I had to learn to relearn.

I thought about the concept for many days, I paid close attention to the chairs that I sat in, the way I held my hands on my laptop when I typed or used the touchpad. The way I sat on the sofa. The way I walked. The way I bent when I took the trash bag out of the trash can. The way I picked up things off of the floor. The way I brushed my teeth. The way I lied still.

Extreme? Yes, I thought so too.

I started putting sticky notes places that I would notice I was doing things improperly or hurting from doing it repetitiously. I put one on the cabinet in front of the sink to remind me to stand tall and not slouch, it will cause pain later. It also reminded me to stretch my back by standing as far away from the sink as my arms would let me and bend over and stretch my lower back. It makes it throb less when I sit down later to relax.  I put one by my bed to remind me to take my melatonin and do some stretches that will help my muscles relax so I can sleep (youtube has a plethora of these). I put one on my laptop to remind myself to stop every few minutes and stretch my fingers and to NOT crack my knuckles, it’s a horrible habit I picked up as a teen and now my fingers hurt so so very badly. I put notes by my bed to remind myself every night that it’s ok to say no..then it listed all of the things that I had a hard time saying no to before, I read it every night and any other time I was in bed. My house looked like a sticky note factory and the notes and sayings and things that I had on the wall next to my bed looked like a kindergarten art class! But it helped. I don’t need the notes anymore for regular household tasks, but I always, always, always have to be thinking about what I am doing and how I am doing it and whether it’s gonna hurt later because of it. And we wonder why anxiety usually associates itself with us?!

bonafide fibro fog turkey dinner indeed!

So I slept a few hours, got up early and got the bird in the oven. But wait, how much did the turkey weigh so I know how long to cook it? I don’t know……Why, you ask, do I not know the weight? Because I took it out of the wrap to brine it the day before and guess who forgot to right down the weight somewhere, because you really don’t think that I would remember it do you? Yup…me.

The best guess between the two of us is 20 pounds. Get on the scale ,you might be suggesting, and weigh yourself to see how much it weighs! Good idea….hmmm it says 15 pounds. Ok we have 3-4 hours, let’s play the Wii!

3 hours later…Um we better start the other stuff! hahaha! Check the turkey…it’s already done! Oh my!

Ok no biggie, taters will take 30 minutes then we can eat. Gravy is in the works, we are hungry!

Taters done. Get the milk out please, oh man….there sits the casserole….I forgot to cook the green bean casserole! hahahaha! 35 minutes for that. Turkey’s already done, taters and gravy are done.

Get the butter out please, oh man I forgot the crescent rolls! hahahaha! ok no biggie 14 minutes and THEN we can eat! Turkey’s done, taters and gravy are done, casserole and rolls still not done.

Dressing….did I really forget that too?! Come on! OK no biggie still, dressing from a box takes 5 minutes!

Crescents are done, so the casserole is coming out, I don’t care if it still needs 14 minutes to cook, its done!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah we had lots of hiccups, but you know what? It doesn’t really matter, everything worked out and after all, if it didn’t …it wasn’t gonna be the end of the world now was it?

DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had a deliciously comical turkey day too!

fibro diet

Since it’s turkey day and we will all be stuffing ourselves silly, I thought it only appropriate to use today to remind you that a specialized ‘fibro diet’ may benefit you.

Now obviously you aren’t going to start this today….who would pass up delicious turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes loaded with gravy, dinner rolls, green bean casserole and of course 3 different types of pies?! NOT ME! and yes, I will probably pay for it in pain over the next day or so, but today it’s going to be worth it!

Now….after  you are all full of turkey and trimmings and possibly in pain, you come on back and read this article and see if you are ready to try it! I really don’t like calling it a diet, but since you technically are following strict eating habits it only makes sense, I guess.

My challenge to all of you that may stop by my blog this week is to try this for one single week. If you don’t feel the least bit better then you haven’t lost anything.  You may feel significantly better like I did, yes I fell off of it, but the day after turkey day, I’m back on! I bet you can even have turkey…but wait a week to add it back in, just in case!

Here is the link to the blog writer that interviewed me and a certified nutrition!

I also have a few postings of my own that outline what I’ve personally done, a little more in depth!

Food is the key for me

Awesome accidental findings

Happy Turkey Day all! I’m wishing you all a pain free, fun filled, fabulously enjoyable day!

cold, cold, cold sensitivity….

Because we don’t already have enough issues with Fibro, let’s throw in some temperature sensitivities, shall we?

Living in Colorado for a winter after my diagnosis, I knew darn good and well that the cold was not good for me at all, I had the worst winter of my life. We moved our plans up by 9 months and moved to Cali early. Last winter here was easy…a few rainy days, no biggie. This year I feel like I’m back in Denver. Maybe my body got acclimated and now 60 degrees is simply TOO COLD for me! I am freezing! It’s been much rainier than last year and I know that when the rain is coming I should just prepare to hurt, prepare to be miserable for the day or two, depending on the storm but this chilly weather has got to go!

Do I have to move to Arizona in the winter to escape any chilliness whatsoever? lol I can’t do that! I love Cali and chose this area because it’s knows to stay warmer all year around. Somehow Mother Nature didn’t get that memo this year. Now I know alot of you are thinking I am crazy. 50’s and 60’s are NOT cold, well..not when you live in a place that gets below 0, I’ll give you that! I’m a little crazy about my temperatures, my family has jokes about it. ha!

Last night, when I was cold to the bone and simply could not get warm; I had a heating pad under me, my heating blanket on top of me and our, fresh on the bed, down comforter on top. I should have been warm, but I was freezing! It’s that cold that goes all the way inside of you, to the bone, literally. I stuck my arm out from under the covers this morning and in a matter of minutes it was aching. Really? Now, I don’t have a thermometer in my house but I’m sure that its 65-70 degrees in here, could I really be that sensitive to the chill? Apparently

I guess I better take a super hot shower, which will take an hour or longer to recover from; dress in layers, which will cause me to take off and put on frequently, which could cause a muscle pull at any given moment; wear socks and shoes, which I absolutely hate; and keep my house closed up, which I believe adds to SAD that I certainly don’t need; I’ll no doubt get a tension headache from shivering or sweating, which every occurs at that very moment in time; My long sleeve shirts will get stretched out from pushing up the sleeves in the moment of a sweat attack, which then makes the sleeves all puffy and loose and annoying when I have to put them back down from a freezing attack; If I take my shoes off in the house, then I will have to roll my long pants up and look like a fool, because walking on the seam of them hurts like hell. WOW, I have issues. hahaha!

So today I’m hoping that the weather man is wrong by 10 degrees and I’m hoping all of you are staying warm and getting ready to stuff yourselves silly with turkey. Speaking of turkey, I better get in the kitchen now…….oh…it’ll be warm in there! yay!

Happy Thanksgiving! gobble gobble!

silence is golden

I was awoken by a noisy alarm clock that someone forgot to turn off this morning and that’s never a good way to start the morning. The sounds of the bull in the china cabinet all morning preparing for work didn’t make things any better, so here I am awake, early. Thankfully I rested all day yesterday and went to bed early enough that I’m not super cranky and remarkably not in alot of pain today. The intense rib pain I had yesterday has subsided finally. Just a minor headache hanging on for dear life. Thankful, indeed!

I’ve taken the dog potty, done some minor cleaning of yesterday’s messes, added to my grocery list and sat down for a small warming up break. Yes, I’m freezing still. 45 degrees out in ‘Sunny California’ this morning.  I don’t remember last year being this cold! BRRRRR

As I was sitting here reading new blogs from my fellow fibromites, I realized how wonderfully quite it is here today. The only sounds I hear, when the dog isn’t walking about clicking her tiny paws through the house on our tile floors, is the coffee pot spitting out left over steam and my little birdie grinding his little beak. And of course, now, my fingers clicking the keys of my laptop.

It made me think of things my Father used to say, well still does really, ‘you are talking, just to hear yourself talk’ or ‘do you have to make noise all the time, can’t you just sit here and be quiet for a minute?’ ‘the radio doesn’t have to be on for the car to work, honey.’  Funny how later in life, you start to understand all the ‘crazy’ things your parents used to say. I wonder if the little lady will every learn this one? I doubt it! haha!

I think I’m going to sit here for awhile, simply enjoying the silence. It’s gonna be a crazy, noise filled week, I better prepare myself now.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and can enjoy some golden silence of your own today.

resting Monday

I’ve been laying in bed all day today. Yes if you read my post from last night, you know I definitely overdid it this weekend. oops, it happens I guess.

Plus I’ve fallen so far off of my good eating habits I don’t know how to dig out, plus there’s turkey day in 3 days. I guess I better get back on and hang in there til then! Veggies and fruits, here I come.  Hopefully.

My hands hurt more than they ever have when I woke up this morning. I’m scheduling a Dr’s appointment in a couple of weeks. I’m worried about getting more testing done. I want it done but I don’t. I don’t want to find out if the arthritis is higher this time. I was told 2 years ago that my tests were slightly higher than normal, but not to worry about it right then and to have it checked out every 6 months or so, well I haven’t been to an MD in almost a year. OH well, I guess it’s better to know that keep guessing. I’m also going to ask to have my vitamin levels checked. I’m curious to see if they are better when I take my supplements like I should!

Our guest shows up in 2 days. I’m excited but worried that I won’t feel up to playing much. I just hope I can get this flare under control somehow before then. More supplements, better food, more yoga. Hopefully that combination will do it!

I think I’ll start with a shower…you know, since its now 4pm! 😉 Our next place better have a soaking tub!

Someday maybe I can experience my dream shower/tub like this one…..

Oh what I would give…..of course I’d be really pruny cuz I’d never leave the bathroom! haha!