good thing she’s cute…..

So somehow we are down to our last tennis ball…where, oh where do those suckers disappear to? We have no yard so she isn’t burying them, our house is only 750sq ft so there’s not many places to hide the little stinkers, but they sure do vanish! I’m having some hip/hamstring issues so I went digging through Butchy’s toybox to find a tennis ball to roll around on my feet and on my hamstring…ONE lone tennis ball at the bottom of the toybox.

I’m sitting in front of the tv, minding my own business just watching tv feeling some much needed relief from some deep leg issues and my feet feel amazing….oh the simple things in life!  The whole time I’m being eyed like a hawk by the adorable little mutt laying at my feet.  She had a new bone and was perfectly content before I found the ball…she didn’t even know it was in there!  Low and behold the little booger swipes it out from under my foot, runs in the bedroom like she found the best treasure in the whole entire world…meanwhile I’m calling after her to bring the ball back to Mommy. I’m pretty sure she was in the bedroom with her ball snickering at me….”Ha ha I got your ball and I’m not gonna give it back” she didn’t even want that ball…she just went and hid it from me…ornery I tell ya! Just like a 3 year old kid, she’s 13 and in dog years that OLD she shouldn’t be playing mean tricks on her Mommy who really needs that ball!

I have searched everywhere for that ball, I even went so far as to get on my hands and knees to look from her level and let me tell you, that was no easy task! I cannot locate the very last tennis ball that my dog has hidden from me. Pathetic! hahaha! I guess I’ll head to the store tomorrow to replenish the toy box and so that she can have 2 balls to keep her busy while I use my one!

it’s a good thing she’s cute….. 🙂


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