Food is the key…for me

So the wife was sick last week and of course passed it on to me on Sunday…no biggie, I’m used to laying around anyway added chest congestion and headaches aren’t fun but it’s just another thing…

I made home made chicken noodle soup last week for her the first day she was sick, which I almost always do when someone is ill, I made wheat noodles this time since I’ve been on this ‘good food makes me feel better’ thing. I did ok with a couple of bowls last week, but then it seemed that when I got sick we ate too much non-healthy food (my wife doesn’t really cook) and now I feel like crap again, fibro crap…not head cold crap.

I was pretty darn sure that food was the answer to pain relief for me, but this definitely reiterates that fact! Not to mention the INSANE stomach issues…I went stomach issue free for almost a month when eating almost all raw, now for the last 2 nights I haven’t slept hardly at all and I was in serious pain from my stomach 3 hours out of the night the last 2 nights.  Back to natural I go….

I’m not becoming a vegan or vegetarian and I doubt I ever will…but I am definitely cutting out as much sugar as humanly possible and all white flour. I had pizza and have mercy did I pay for it! I think even the wheat flour is playing tricks with my stomach and possibly contributing to the pain of the FMS.

I never blogged too much about the food, because honestly I thought it could all be in my head! I do that alot…think things  are all in my head…I think we all do. Pretty soon you really do start to wonder if you’re looney or not!  Of course all of the dieticians and Dr’s and Nurses and well…everyone tells you “you need to exercise and eat right” well NO DUH! Don’t we ALL need to do that? But if it were simply that easy then America wouldn’t be obese. It’s not..its hard. But I’m finding it alot easier when I discover that it really could be the reason that I hurt so much less.

I’ve never been a health nut, however I do go through phases of doing everything naturally….cold remedies, face masks, hair masks, etc….I do that because I don’t see the point in spending money on expensive products when you can make them with the ingredients from the dollar store.  I don’t want to become one of those people that goes somewhere and says “Oh, I can’t eat that” I don’t like those people. (Unless there is a health reason, of course) but no matter where you go, there is almost always a salad on the menu. No, it’s not nearly as fun or tasty for that matter, but when you think…”If I eat this pizza or hamburger or enchilada, I’m gonna hurt tomorrow” it makes it easier to just eat the salad, or grilled chicken-providing it’s not marinated in sugar or something.

So I guess it’s back to almost all natural for me! If you haven’t tried it…I highly suggest it…even for a week. See if it helps with any of your issues. Dairy and white flour and sugar are my new enemies. Bummer, the best things that go in our mouths are made of those things. With a little research though I’ve found some really good recipes and I don’t mind cooking..when I feel good! I guess it’s kind of a win, win!

With my veggies, I set them all out after grocery shopping and cut them up right then and put them in tupperware. It’s easier to grab when you are in a hurry or don’t feel good. I make my own hummus out of garbanzo beans and I can flavor it any way I want. It’s great as a dip for veggies or on top of my salad. The hardest part for me is dessert. I LOVE DESSERT!!! Chocolate mostly….anything and everything chocolate. So that’s my goal this week, is to find dessert recipes that are healthier for me, that won’t make me hurt. If you have any…please share! If you’re interested in any of the recipes I’ve found for other things let me know, I’ll post them. Crock pot chicken is my new favorite recipe! Its super easy and you have chicken for the rest of the week to put in salads, etc.

Anything for less pain!


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

2 responses to “Food is the key…for me

  • christysmilez

    You know food seems to cause issues with my pain…but depending on where I am with the pain that day and what is hurting as to how the food makes me feel…so its harder for me to know what to eat or not to eat…I know when its my legs hurting sugar makes me feel better but I do believe that when my hands are so bad sugar is worse…who knows…maybe its a comfort food thing…all iknow is i have been told a gluten free diet could help..but for me never did!

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