Strange tender points/phantom pain

I often find ‘strange’ tender points (not the regular ones they use to diagnose FMS) and definitely have phantom pains in different places on different days for various lengths of time. I always wonder if other people do to.

Eyebrows – I tend to ‘straighten’ mine alot and sometimes I find that they hurt quite significantly. Just my finger lightly going over my eyebrow can be quite painful! I haven’t seen this one in the books yet, have you?

Finger tips – I remember driving home one day, after working in pain all day and noticed how very bad my finger tips hurt on the steering wheel. Some days I can’t even type lightly because of the pain it sends up through my arms, into my teeth.

Left hip – this pain I’ve been told by massage therapists is sciatica and was told to put ice on it, however I can’t handle ice so I haven’t ever tried it.  Heat didn’t seem to do anything however, neither did muscle rub. It’s definitely a pain from deep inside, not just muscle. It hurts so much worse when laying on that side or sitting too long. This just started a few months ago for me. Yoga has been a lifesaver for this. I just discovered that a few weeks ago. A-MAZING! I posted a link to the great free yoga introduction I found on youtube! Try it!

Ridged muscles – I’m not sure what else to call this. When I rub my fingers across the outside of my thigh (or other areas), I can feel ridges and they hurt! They aren’t nodules…it’s almost as though I can feel the muscle itself, but these ridges run the opposite direction of the muscle. Nothing makes this go away, so I simply don’t rub them very often. Massage doesn’t take it away and muscle cream doesn’t do anything. I just noticed this and haven’t asked a Dr. about it yet.  Wierd.

Ribs – Oh man do my ribs hurt sometimes, like a Mac truck hit me the night before and left me laying on the asphalt all night long. This pain is one way that I know my period is about to start. Massive Rib Pain..among many other pains, fog, swelling, etc. I can’t even were a bra when this flare happens, it hurts so bad! Nothing I have found makes this go away, moist heat sometimes helps…I just get to wait it out. Sometimes just a day…sometimes all week.

Right wrist pain…just at the top of my hand, directly at the wrist area. Feels like someone is digging their finger deeply into the muscle, causing a vibration to run up my arm and I can feel it in my teeth. My grip is dead and I will drop anything you put in my hand. It’s very hard to write when this happens, let alone cook!

Tooth aches & TMJ – I have very very bad, unexplained left side tooth pain, top and bottom. Been to many dentists who think I’m loony as there is no reason for the pain. Maybe they should just rip out all of my teeth and call it done. The TMJ is constant pain and popping of the jaw. Fun times!

Top of head tender points – don’t even know how I figured this one out..laying on the couch one day I think rubbing my throbbing noggin’ and noticed that certain areas made my eyes water. Yes, it hurts that bad! ugh

Right foot – I am currently experiencing what I can only figure out to be Planter faciitis in my foot. Good Lordy someone cut it off! It hurts so bad. 1st thing in the morning is worst..I can barely get to the bathroom without the assistance of a dresser or anything else close to lean on. I bought a wrap, helps somewhat when out walking around. But I can’t afford the ridiculous contraptions they have out there right now. No health insurance, no job.

Sharp shooters everywhere – those horrible, super deep, super quick and super painful ‘shooting’ pains that feels as if someone jabbed a knife in that spot, pulled it out and waits to do it again a few seconds later.  Man I hate those.

Ovulating pain – seriously? because it’s not enough that I get to spend a week every month in constant, deep pain…but now I have some crazy ovulation pains….there’s a constant low ‘nagging’ pain and then the little sharp shooters throughout the stomach/groin area. Oh the joys of being a woman!

Do you have ‘phantom pain’ as my old Dr called it?!


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

2 responses to “Strange tender points/phantom pain

  • christysmilez

    Wow isnt it amazing and yet its why I write my blogs…Your not alone and all of these things I experience too and the Bumps and ridges I try to get my husband to feel and he is like Christy I cant feel matter how many times you try to get me to lol…oh my eye brows and eyelids hurt….and the rib pain is enough to kill you and you cant wear a bra its impossible!!!! My finger tips hurt and at times feel like i have burnt them…they feel like they are on fire…its so crazy you sound silly when you say it but its oh so true!!! I am so thankful when I know someone else has the same pains or issues..just a good thing for the mind and spirit!!!! Glad we are here for each other to keep us in check of it…we are not crazy but the pain is enough to make you think you are for sure!

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    […] Dentist what Fibro is….they still just look at you blankly. You explain that you have ‘phantom pains that are unexplainable’ then they look at you with that pitiful look at you wonder what they […]

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