the rain used to be my favorite thing…

Fibro sure finds a way to kill the things you used to find such joy in, doesn’t it?

Rain used to be my ultimate favorite thing…I used to go to the dam in my younger days and just watch the rain hit the water in the reservoir.  I loved the smell and the feeling in the air…. I still love the smell and the way it makes everything so pretty..but now I hate the pain it brings with it. I will admit that when a storm rolled in in Colorado it was WAY worse than it has been here in Cali…but we don’t get alot of rain here and certainly not all the stuff that came with a good ole’ Colorado storm.

it’s been raining for a couple days off and on and now they say it’ll be another week before the sun comes back…guess I’ll just suck it up, as if I had a choice! ha! I am definitely looking forward to getting down to the beach during one of the ‘light shows’ to watch the lightning over the ocean..if it looks that pretty on HAS to be beautiful in real life!  We are getting some thunder and lightning with this one…first time I’ve seen/heard it since we moved here over a year ago! Woke me from a good sleep at 6:30am…I literally JUMPED out of bed! I thought it was an earthquake!

Luckily it’s pretty minor as far as the Fibro pain scale goes, achy, stiff feeling throughout the body, mostly in the clavicle area, definitely in the hips and that good old base of the skull headache and I notice the tender points alot more. Can’t sit/lie/stand in one spot very long without tightening and feeling uncomfortable. Though last night I did get vocal about the sharp shooting knife jabs I was getting in my left hip and thigh. The vocalization catches my wife off guard and actually me sometimes too! Sitting here watching tv..minding my own business and BAM! Usually I say ‘ouch’ or take a deep loud breath, but this pain brought out my pirate talk! It’s like I have no control over the pain or my vocal cords! ha! So last night I got dubbed with ‘Tourette’s’  (no we aren’t making light or fun of those that do have it, but when you are sitting calmly and suddenly yell S*&T! then it sorta comes into the conversation)

Guess I better get cozy inside…wrapped in my blanky with my warm socks and cozy sweater, it’s gonna be a long dark painful week. Maybe some home made chicken soup is in store! yay! see…there’s always a bright side to everything..if you look hard enough!


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