Pain nodules

I’ve had massages for most of my adult life, much more so since the Fibro diagnosis and much less so now with no job. However I do know that they work significantly and so now I do it as much as I can myself between times of getting a professional one.

Our muscles get tight, without doing much, and form what I call nodules. I don’t know if this is the technical term, but it’s the Leana term! ha! I notice that when specific areas become painful there is almost always a bad little nodule to blame. Sometimes it’s the nodule itself that hurts, but more often you have to search around for the certain nodule that is causing the certain pain that you are trying to relieve at that very moment. Personally, I have way to many and never ever plan to get them all myself, I’ll leave that for the Pros! Besides, my hands hurt after just a few minutes!

I have lots of helpful ‘massage utensils’ that I like to use, which also help my hand from getting tired quickly and hurting as much. My tens unit is great! I like to use it to relax a tough area before I go in with my tennis ball or my 4 legged spider. The tens unit I bought on ebay for like $10…its super simple and only has a few settings. I’d like to graduate on to a bigger, more powerful one but for now it works just fine! The 4 legged spider is a round wooden ball with dowels and balls on the end of them. I love this thing, it’s almost always within my arms reach. The tennis ball..well, it’s just a ball I stole from our dog. Sometimes she doesn’t approve of my using it and puts in back in her toy box, but when she’s not looking I sit on it, roll my hip on it, or put it on my back while laying on the floor, this is a pretty deep massage sometimes when I really need it. Of course, the muscle cream works occasionally, depending on the pain and how it got there, I prefer the NON smelly kind so I don’t smell like an old lady who ate too many candy canes! 🙂 But the cream doesn’t always work. I wish I could have a masseuse on stand by just for me…awwe that would be so amazing! OK back to reality….

Sometimes it’s hard to inflict that type of pain on yourself, cuz let me tell ya…they HURT! Then you have to chase them around cuz they try to hide just a few centimeters from where you started..or they move..i don’t know. I usually just push through it by breathing very deeply and reminding myself that it’ll feel better after the initial 20 minutes of insane pain…..and it does.  Just worked one out of my wrist that was causing me not to be able to grip very well. Probably from typing, writing, pretty much everything I do all day long! ha!

Anyway…if you aren’t trying to get rid of those nodules, you’re only letting them add up so get to work! Get yourself a little 4 legged spider or borrow the dog’s ball while he/she isn’t looking! And when you get an extra few bucks, go get a professional massage! I recently found a really cool place for $25/hr and  you don’t even get naked for this massage! I’ll post a link, maybe there’s one near you! If not…find a massage school, yes they are still learning but that almost makes it better for you to get what you want..they are eager to please and learn! Sometimes you can find deals on craigslist or in your local coupon book. It’s so worth the effort to look!


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