yay! I got a comment!

Oh the simple things in life….

I got my first comment on my first blog! That’s exciting stuff I tell ya what! So far my blog has been personal..meaning no one in my family even knows I write it, except my wife and well..she know everything! ha! My family is as understanding as they can be and being farther away from them ‘shields’ them in a way from the crap that I deal with everyday. I know they would comment and say nice cheerful things to me but sometimes that can just make you feel worse.

I write my blog for me, just to be able to get some of these thoughts out of my head and down on paper…or whatever you want to call it when it’s electronic! ha! But I also write because over the last 2 1/2 years I have read SO many blogs and so many forums that have been helpful, sad, uplifting, worrisome and extremely educational. If someone gets so much as a simple laugh for the day out of what I write then I feel better! So thank you Christysmilez for my 1st ever comment! I also enjoyed reading your blog!

Today is going to be better…4 days back on my almost all natural eating and I do feel better. Why oh why did I slip so bad in Colorado? Oh well…regret does nothing but make you feel worse! I’ve been to the gym every day, even if only to walk on the treadmill at a slow pace and get the heart beating a little faster than laying on the couch.  Even on my worst day this week I got up and went, I have to say that it really did make me feel better. It’s the initial act of getting up, putting on some gym clothes and walking over there that’s the hardest! Yoga has honestly been an amazing thing for me and I love that I can do it when I want, in the comfort of my own living room with only the dog and the bird here to watch me! I have not come close to getting all the ‘positions’ down and I may never get them down, considering most days I can’t remember the position 2 seconds after I finish it…but the simple stretches make me feel SO much better! Today my goal is to figure out the ‘page’ feature of this thing so I can post the yoga I found on youtube. I want everyone to try it! I’ve sent it to my Mom, sister and friends but so far no one has let me know they tried! hmmm…



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