different states…different pains

All of my family is still back in Colorado so I go back there to see them, often. My Sister just had a beautiful baby boy so I went to spend a week with her, helping her and playing with the baby. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided she would come along for the visit, which made it a rough week on me. Luckily a 2 week old baby doesn’t require much more than cuddling on the sofa! 🙂 Anyway…beside the horrible, all over, deep, intense body pain I had from my ‘monthly friend’ I was surprised to find some of the other pains had diminished; the planter faciitis that I’ve been wearing a brace for and crying about the last few month had subsided….I wonder if this is more from not walking around barefoot all the time on a hard floor. I always wore shoes and/or was walking on soft carpet. hmmm?! Also the insane tooth pain let up a bit, I noticed I could at least chew soft things like bread on the left side without wanting to cry!

But low and behold 2 days back in cali and the foot hurts again and so do the teeth. It could just be a timing thing…Fibromites know that these things often come and go with no particular rhyme or reason. Maybe Mother Nature felt she was causing me enough pain with my period and was nice enough to let off of the more regular pains for a few days. Yeah right! ha!

If you try to figure out why and when you will have certain pains, you will simply go crazy. Instead you get to sit back and just ride the ride. Too bad it can’t be an enjoyable ride! You just have to take advantage of the good days and hope they out number the bad! And sometimes even the bad have silver linings…like my getting to cuddle, kiss and love on the cutest baby all week…I have to admit that the pain wasn’t so bad when he was in my arms!


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I was diagnosed with FMS, IBS and CFS 3 yrs ago and after trying all the medications, I've been determined to find relief naturally. View all posts by fibrorelief

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