Monthly Archives: October 2010

today’s gonna be a good day

It’s Friday and that’s always a good start! A weekend with my wonderful wife, our first ‘dinner party’ since we moved to Cali…Home made burritos smothered in my ‘famous’ green chili! I’m so excited! I did 2 hours of yoga and some good, deep trigger point therapy yesterday in hopes to get through this long day…so far so good! Haven’t woken up with such a low pain level in a long time..which of course makes me a HAPPY CAMPER! I do love my yoga and the pressure points I’m learning about have been so cool! I’m requesting a book outlining them all for Christmas! Now if I can only get some more tennis balls…ha!

I definitely could’ve used some more sleep…the Melatonin seems to not be working so great this week. Haven’t done anything different so I’m hoping that getting back into the daily yoga helps with my sleep pattern..miraculously I have no bags under the eyes…after 4 nights of 4 hours of sleep each. UGH A little B-12 and I should be good to make it through the day! May even reward myself with a beer or two this evening! I’m down another pound and a half and that makes me super duper happy too!

Today’s gonna be a good day! I hope it is for all of you as well!