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Awesome Accidental findings…

Yes, as I’ve mentioned I’m overweight..have been for a few years now. Really really wishing I’d have gotten up off my lazy butt about 3 years ago before this damn Fibro kicked in and gotten rid of my extra 40 pounds. But I guess if we are wishing…I truly wish this Fibro would just go away. Wish in one the saying goes.

Anyway…I recently decided to try a colon flush, thinking maybe it would help with all of my stomach issues and I could get a grip on at least one things in this body of mine. So did lots of research and recruited my Wife to do it with me.

We went out and bought the Bentonite Clay and the Flax seed and the Acidophilus and we were ready to go! We started by eating only fruits and really have no idea how hard it is to get creative with recipes when this is ALL you can have! But we did it. Week one down. 4 pounds lighter, SIGNIFICANTLY less pain and I haven’t had heartburn all week…UNHEARD of for me. I take antacid like candy!

Of course we slipped and got a bad craving for the delicious frozen yogurt across the street and just HAD to have it. An hour or so later, I thought I’d never get out of the bathroom! Ok so Milk, which I already had a strong feeling about, was part of my problems. No more frozen yogurt or milk for me! I woke the next morning to have a nasty headache and the ‘fullness,’ that I often try to describe to Dr’s but never can quite make it understood, in my head and massive mucus in the throat, nose, eyes, etc. DAMN THE MILK!

A few days later we slipped again and had some cheese….no stomach issues with the cheese (which makes no sense to me considering it’s made of milk, but what do I know?!) however the next morning I woke up with my famous ‘right temple dagger headache’ and since I had been pain free for the entire week without cheese I’m going to say that’s the culprit. I love cheese so very much. I’m so sad about the cheese. *sniffling*

Last night we splurged and went to Chili’s for a burger and fries..we both needed it very much and I have a potential job offer happening so I’m excited and we always celebrate with food and cocktails. It’s time to find a new way to celebrate!  I woke up with a lovely headache from my neck to my eyes, super incredible tender points everywhere! WHY OH WHY don’t I learn?! This one is to hard to poinpoint the exact food that caused my symptoms today…flour in the bun? probably…red meat? probably…cheese on the burger? Definitely….french fries? most likely.

It’s time to get creative with fruits and veggies and things that are all natural! I will continue to add ONE food at a time to see if it does anything major to my body, but you don’t know how great those 4 or 5 days felt with NO PAIN, no headaches, minor tender points and no fog. It’s so worth never eating junk food again, now if I can get that part of the brain that sends the cravings out to understand that, we will be good!

I HIGHLY suggest you try this…you don’t have to do the Bentonite and such..though I definitely suggest you google it and see the amazing benefits it offers! The ‘Elimination Diet’ that I ended up doing on accident has been a great eye opener! You have nothing to lose, but pain! (and maybe some pounds too!)

I’ve read everywhere…diet, diet, diet but it’s always paired with excercise so I always just think of the 2 together. This isn’t a DIET…it’s a way to figure out what may be causing the fibro flairs, the headaches, certain tender points, etc. I was and still am quite shocked by what I’ve found out the last few weeks and I’m sure I’ll be finding out alot more to come!